Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swing 39 - is it a band or a track title?

Numerous times I’ve mentioned Django Reinhardt. Is his style Gypsy music or Western Swing?

One of his albums was called Swing 39 –  after the title track. This album was re-released in April 2001 and is part of Verve’s (a great Jazz label) series “Jazz in Paris”.

If you poke around on this album you’ll see he’s done exactly what I’ve been talking about. Finding one song and presenting it several different ways. (Tea for Two, Twelfth Year, I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight). This makes me think of both cooking AND writing.

In cooking – we use the same ingredients – but in different ways and with different accents – and end up with dishes very dissimilar. Think about beef, garlic, onion, and tomatoes. This could be the basis for a ragu, enchiladas, pot roast, or curry. It’s the hot peppers, oregano, thyme, basil, coconut milk, or gravy that makes the difference.

However – my intention today was not to write about Reinhardt. I started out trying to find the band, “Swing 39” out of Louisville, KY (although some poking around shows they also consider Bournemouth, UK their home too). I think they’re lovely.

Sunny but cool here today. Expecting a high of 70 degrees which is just crazy knowing that in California’s San Joaquin Valley there were over 100 degrees this weekend. 

 *** I forgot to post yesterday - so today is a "two-for"!

Pepper Adams - Bouncin' with Bud

I’m not sure if I listen to a really great DJ – or just have a knack for picking up on the obscure. Pepper Adams was a jazz baritone saxophonist (this piece is an original composition, "Bossanouveau"). He started out in Rochester NY – then moved to Detroit when he was sixteen. I always associate Detroit with blues – and it amazes me to read about the vibrant jazz scene there in the fifties and sixties.

One of the interesting things about good jazz stations – is they always list who all is on an album – something never done in the pop/rock scene. I think it’s because jazz musicians were employed by specific labels – and were treated very much like session musicians – being mixed and matched by the label depending on who they were producing.

Looking at Pepper’s background I see he played with John Coltrane, Benny Goodman, Charles Mingus, and Donald Byrd; all well known names in the industry. The song I heard – that brought Pepper to my attention was “Bouncing with Bud” (and of course, I cannot find a link to the son anywhere.) The song was originally composed and recorded by Bud Powell. A talented pianist and troubled musician – and a topic for a different day.

Since its release many people besides Powell and Adams have recorded this classic bee-bop tune – Chick CoreaKeith Jarrett, and the Bud Shank Quartet to name a few.

In other news – my house is clean, the food all purchased for tonight when Fred arrives from France, and I’m feel rather confident in my timing of getting everything done before I pick him up at the airport.


Molly – my other visiting house-guest is …. whiny. I dunno – I guess it’s just her way of “talking” but not my most favorite feature. She is also sorely in need of a bath – and is shedding her winter coat. Guess who’s getting a bath on Saturday? I combed her out last night – and ended up with 7 handfuls of hair. Unfortunately this morning – there was still hair coming off her. *sigh

I’m not really sure why I bother cleaning. Nothing seems to last – just as soon as I get the kitchen floor mopped, I cook – and then there’s a splat of something. I wash/shake out all the rugs – then walk outside – and come back in and BINGO … more stuff on the rugs. Rinse, lather, and repeat for dusting, mopping, and laundry.

In less gloomy news, my favorite handyman will be coming to visit in July. Yay! It should be a big trip for him – my place for two weeks – then he goes on to visit other friends in Dallas.

A final word about food. I made Gemelli (twisted twins) pasta with vodka sauce last night. I was pretty amazed at how quick and easy it was to make. I’ll have to keep it in rotation.

Have a good Wednesday everyone. I’ve taken tomorrow off to enjoy my company – I’ll be back on Friday (great planning huh?) and then the 3 day weekend! Yay! Except for people who don’t have normal 8-5, M-F jobs.


mamie said...

I'm enjoying the music posts. Thanks for broadening my tastes (um, pun intended?!?).

Love you

Anonymous said...

Yeah...those of us who no longer have jobs will be experiencing a much longer weekend, rather than the standard and customary 3-day holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

That purple in your blog just doesn't get it ? I, too, am enjoying some of the music you are including in your blog !

How about the Vodka Pasta recipe ? Also, your basic pasta with tomatoes, O.O., etc. ??? tp