Monday, May 18, 2009

Kelly Eisenhour - I didn't know What Time it Was

This is such great phrasing of the Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart standard. It's been performed many times, most notably by Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman. You want to see a beautiful woman who looks like the she was made for the 30s and 40s? Click here. She looks “sassy” doesn’t she? Heh – a long time ago – when I was under five foot tall my nickname was “Sassy-ann”.

Anyway –  although all her songs are standards –  I like them – they’ve clearly been arranged in ways that highlight her own style. It was fun to read her bio and discover she is a Tucson native. Her arranger is pianist Steve Keen – I can’t find anything out about him – but I think he has talent.

Speaking of talent … I seem to have a talent for making things more difficult than they need to be. Who knew?

Spent Saturday cleaning – and – par for the course didn’t get everything done. Figured I’d finish up after church – but WISELY decided to get the empanadas made and out of the way. I’d settled on a savory version of this dish with pobalno chiles, onions, garlic, queso fresco, and goat cheese. My friend Heather in Arizona told me she uses a Cornish pasties dough – but you know … I had to go and change it. I added some masa harina flour. So – they were a little more … crunchy and grainy (which is good) than the regular item. And it also meant the dough rolled out a little differently. But – dinner group seemed to like them just fine.

Of course – when I cook AND I’m in a hurry – the whole world has to stop-by/call – so I ended up talking to my little brother in California – and my neighbor Grace. She was dropping off our CSA producer for the week. Some strawberries, more turnips and radishes, and kale. I think I need to come up with a sausage/polenta/kale combo.

I also skewered ½ inch slices of red onions on bamboo shoots and basted them with a rosemary, balsamic vinegar and olive oil mixture and then grilled them. (They looked like huge red onion lolly-pops).

The cooking was all done in time – BUT – no housecleaning. So tonight I'm completing the guest room and my room.

Also tonight I start dog-sitting. (Yes, I never learn.) My friend Alma is going out of town for the week. She has THREE dogs … but I am only caring for Molly. Some sort of Heinz 57 mix. Maybe a little hound – and lab? Thankfully I don’t have to care for the Chernobyl dogs, Whisper (who barks alot - so is NOT aptly named) and Rose (who is not soft and silky).  They are Chinese HAIRLESS Crested Dogs and I tease her all the time that they are uglier than …. radiation victims. (giggle)

My friend Fred arrives from France (via a week in NYC) on Wednesday. He'll be surprised to find there won’t have a houseful of friends for dinner Wednesday night. Unlike France, Wednesday nights at nine o’clock is not “early” here in the US. I’ve taken off Thursday – and he’ll leave mid-day to continue on down to the Florida keys. Somehow it escaped me this was Memorial Day – so I guess I’ll work Friday – then have Monday off. Where the hell did May go?


I H8 24 said...

You may just end up being a dog person after all!! Ginny, Lulu, and Buddy send sniffs and licks to you for your kindness!!

Allie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...oh my stars. Yeah so far the "Chernobyl dogs" have been good girls (aside from yesterday's unfortunate tinkle and vomit incidents). How has Molly been doing at Casa de Mit?

Um, by the way, you might want to fix that link you have for Hairless Cresteds in your post. I'm not sure which would make Momma A more upset...being told that her dogs look like radiation victims, or hearing her dogs described as a Spanish culinary delight.