Monday, April 27, 2009

Something New

I've really been slack on blog posts the last few months. It seems all my spare time in the morning and evenings is consumed with writing (or agonizing over writing. On NOT writing, or researching for writing - or hiding from writing) and not much posting is getting done. I really want to change that - and I think I've come up with a good idea. I already write a daily "post" if you will.

It starts with jazz radio in the mornings. While I'm at the house, or on my way to work, I listen for a song that piques my interest. I've learned my memory skills aren't so great, so I try and write down the group/title as soon as it's announced. Which sometimes is a huge game in-and-of-itself, because they don't tell you who singing before or after each song. Oh no ... they wait until they're done playing four or five songs - and THEN announce. Sometimes in order - sometimes in reverse order. Then there's the added challenge of trying to figure out how to spell the name of the artist/song title. (Google search is my friend!)

When I get to work I try to find a video or sound clip of the song - or a little info about the group and lyrics. Once I'm educated, I write up my discovery and send it off. My friends aren't necessarily jazz aficionados - and I have no idea if they really try to listen to the music - or care about the song or not. But that's ok. The real point of the eMial is to be a starting point for our communication each day. Sometimes at the end I'll comment on what's on my mind, something that's coming up or something that's happened in the last twenty-four hours.

This blog is supposed to be the same sort of mechanism. A way for me to write about my observations. So I thought I'd try posting the daily song.

Today's song - Kyle Eastwood - Big Noise from Winnetka

Did you know Clint’s son was a bassist? Electric and upright. He and his dad look a lot alike. You can see here on this clip.

I like this recording better (click on clip feed to the right) because of the whistling. Rumor has it, it’s Clint. I dunno if I believe that. Here’s the original version with Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc. Not to be outdone drummer extraordinaire, Gene Krupa also had a version. His had full orchestration, but I still love Haggart’s and Eastwood’s with the whistling.

Unfortunately Bette Midler did a version with lyrics.

This is the story of a young girl who was the Einstein of the dance. They called her Big Noise from Winnetka, against her no one stood a chance. Big Noise blew in from Winnetka, stole each fellow's heart and then, Big Noise blew in from Winnetka, Big Noise blew right out again.

Boys were sighing, their girlfriends crying, hearts were pounding when; The Big Noise dances, hence romances, it's just astounding when; Big Noise blew in from Winnetka, Big Noise blew right out again.

Stop! Look! Listen! Listen to the Big Noise. Stop! Look! Listen! Listen to the Big Noise.

I am the one they call the Big Noise. I got to dance my way to fame. I just blew in from Winnetka, that town will never be the same. Now I had my fun, and yet there's just one who's got me from the start. I'd love to conga a little bit longer but it keeps us apart. Exit Big Noise from Winnetka, enter Big Noise in his heart.

Big men move me out. Senors zonk me out. Zim zom zup ma ma. Big men boo bop ba, bah ba doo wop. Boodeeah baby boodeeah baby boodeeah baby. Boodeeah baby boodeeah baby boodeeah baby baby baby over 'n' out.

She loves the bass. She loves the drum. She loves to stay out late and dance the samba, samba, how she loves to samba, rhumba, salsa, limbo and pachenga. She's so restless she's on every guest list. None can please her. She'd say no to Ceaser. Teach me, why don't you teach me. Show me how to let go!

There she goes 'round again, up and then down again, in and then out. Hooo!

When Big Noise waltzes through the door the bouncer has to clear the floor, 'cause everybody wants to see the girl get down, the girl get down. And if you try to hold me tight, I'll disappear into the night. My lover's waiting home for me (she don't do that! She don't do that!)

Everyone's got a bit of Big Noise in his heart, everyone likes to toot his horn. I've been the Big Noise from Winnetka for so long, time for a new noise to be born. 'Cause I had my fun and yet there's just one who's got me from the start. Exit Big Noise for Winnetka, enter Big Noise in my heart.

Once she was pickin' up the big boys . . . Now I'm pickin' up my little kids' toys . . . Big Noise we miss you.

I think a better version is this one by Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats.

***In other news ***

When I walked into work this morning all our phone lines and internet connections were down. We're in the process of making some communication company changes here. It's amazing how I feel like I can't work if music isn't streaming, I can't read/send eMails, or surf the web for information. Of course - the part about the phones being out wasn't a big deal. We all know I HATE talking on the phone to begin with! However - we're all up and running now. *sigh*

Happy Monday everyone!

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mamie said...

Interesting idea - posting music - I like it!

Now was it your post or my computer that had the writing getting smaller and smaller until at the end I would've needed a magnifying glass to read the post??