Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Jazz Tribe - Good Bait

When I first heard them announce the song I thought they said, “Good Day”. When I searched for “The Jazz Tribe – Good Day” I got total crap.

Good Bait is an interesting title for a song, isn’t it? Of course, what hooked me was once again the upright bass. *swoon*

I tried to find out more about the band. This song is found on the CD “Next Step” which was released in 2000 and it’s an Italian import. Hmm – Italian Imports are racy, aren’t they? The fun thing about this bad is they seem to have a strong Latin vibe. You can hear it in Camino Al Cielo, Chili Plaza Suite, and Los Apolypticanos.

Band members include Bobby Watson, Ray Mantilla, and Steve Grossman. When you start reading their bio’s you realize what a powerhouse this group is – and how they all seem to connect through their mentors. Jazz is such a small intimate world compared to other genres.

In other news … why is there more that fails in a house when you own it – than when you RENT?? I don’t EVER remember calling my landlord all the time for problems. This morning – once I finally got the front door open, I noticed the inny-outty part (yes- that’s it technical name) was stuck in the “inny” position. I grabbed my trusty Phillips screwdriver to remove the faceplate and see what was wrong. But I didn’t make any headway beyond getting the screws out of the faceplate and being late for work.

When I got to work I asked the guys for a “Door 101” class. (And this is the second one, because two weeks ago we had the replace the screen door class). Seems I can’t get to the part – until I actually take the door handles off. OH WHAT FUN. So I guess on my lunch hour today I’m going to ACE to get a new doorknob. HotSauce has offered to come over and help me, but I’m hoping this is something I can do on my own. My biggest concern was that I’d have to spend lots of money getting the new door knob rekeyed. But HotSauce says that HomeDepot/Lowes will do that when you buy the lock/knob. So – I guess I need to go home and figure out who the original manufacture is … and then I’ll be set. HA!

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