Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disc Rotation or Word Up

Each morning there are a few people who get an eMail from me. Originally it was just one person - and the subject line was always a car make/model I saw on the way to work. In the body of the eMail was why I did/didn't like the style/color/engine etc. That lasted for about a year. Then there were fewer and fewer "new" cars to comment on.

About that time another friend was added to the list and Hot Sauce and I started car-pooling. He got a Sirus radio - so I've switched to one musical artist/song that strikes my fancy on my way into work. We've been doing songs for over a year now and we haven't started repeating, so that's a good sign.

Many of you may not know this ... but I am beyond a poor speller. I love words - and have a pretty good vocabulary. I ALWAYS use words properly. What I DON'T always do is know how to spell them (which can lead to HOURS of searching for synonyms or antonyms if spell checker or can't untangle my garbled letters) or pronouncing them correctly.

Like Ogre ... a monster, right? Well in my (dyslexic) world it is an Orge (said Orr-gggg) and it reminds me of the shortened version of "Org" as in "an organization". Which TOTALLY MAKES SENSE ... 'cause organizations (especially volunteer ones) can be very, very, monster like.

So today's eMail was about Tierney Sutton, her album "Desire" and the track "You Give me Fever"

First, I like her vocals. On this one, she’s really extended the traditional lyrics (which I'll quote below). Second, I was TOTALLY shocked that she was a white girl.


See, her name is Tierney … which I thought was Tyranny. And trying to find tyranny took me 20 MINUTES … because you say (or I say) Ter-a-ny when I’m talking about governments abusing power. But when I READ the damn word, I read Ty-ron-y … like Tyrannosaurus Rex. WHICH MAKES A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE, if you ask me. Because don't Tyrannosaurs Rex's abuse their power and storm all over the place eating poor hapless Brontosauruses and crushing buildings?? (oh wait ... maybe some Godzilla got mixed in there. Anyway, you TOTALLY get my point, right?)

Further … I was all in that racial profiling mode when the DJ announced her name and thinking … "Why do people have to name their kids such STUPID things?" The most recent “joke” going around is about a child named la-ah …. and you pronounce it “LaDasha” because the “dash isn’t silent” … excuse me, I forgot to laugh. Maybe you are.

Or there’s Laorgella … kind of like Angela but made "French" with a "La" in front … except HARDY-HAR-HAR …. It’s really “Orange Jell-o”.

So … here I go to look up Tyranny/Tierney on the web, so I can link to her song … and she’s this beautiful blond. And her name has nothing to do with power. Huh.

And while I’m on this rampage … WTF is up with the word FEVER? You say it Fea-ver … like combining the words Sea and shiver. There should be an “a” in there. Just like "travelled" should have two “l's” … because THAT’S HOW SPELLING WORKS!!! Learn the rules people, LEARN THE GOL-DARN-EVER-CHANGING rules.

Anyway ... enough of that ... here's part of the fun lyrics.

Romeo loved Juliet

And Juliet felt the same

When he put his arms around her

He said "Julie baby you're my flame"

Thou give me fever

when we kisseth

a fever with the flaming youth

Fever I'm afire

Fever yea I burn for sooth'


Now that you've listened to my story

Here's the point that I have made

Chicks were born to give ya fever

Be it Fahrenheit or centigrade

They give ya fever

When ya kiss em

An fever if you live in learn

Fever until you sizzle

What a lovely way to burn

What a lovely way to burn

What a lovely way to burn


Til ya sizzle


Anonymous said...

I don't know how - anybody - can make such a funny story about spelling words ! *o* Except you ! And I can hear the frustration in your voice - *O* even funnier ! tp

CG said...

Names....absolutely suck. Especially when your responsibility is to choose names for the baby you are currently growing.

Anonymous said...

We will see how gutsy Mitty girl is today by weather or not she allows this post.

Her Birthday is April 12th and she she will be 45 years young.

Happy B-day (Bdashday) Little Sister.