Monday, March 02, 2009

California Haul

My (temporary) souvenirs from my trip arrived home.

Now that I have this stupid camera, I thought I'd take a picture.

I really thought about what was going to be in the picture (ie: I needed a blank wall). How I wanted it to be a pleasing composition. Interesting textures.


I adjusted and readjusted.

I shined flashlight. I turned on/off overhead lights.


All that effort ... all that anticipated joy.

And I give you blurry, leaning, muddy bottles. *sigh*

(l-r lower section) Mackinaw Zinfandel; Shannon Ridge Syrah; Harney Lane Petite Syrah: (in back) Wildhurst Cabernet Sauvignon; Paul Hobbs, Syrah; Vina Cabos (Hobbs' Agrintina partnership) Bramare, Cabernet Sauvignon; and Iron Horse "Russian Cuvee" created for the Reagan-Gorbechev Summit Meetings.

Missing from the line up (consumed before leaving California) Cobos Malbec 2005 and a Ceago Rose that we enjoyed in this setting.

At least memories are always sharp and color balanced.


Mamie said...

You swear you didn't tipple before you took the photo? Because it looks very ya and miss ya

MitMoi said...

I swear Mamie! (places hand on Bible)

I walked in the house, unpacked the box ... spent an HOUR messing with the stupid stuff - and you can't even tell. :\

Anonymous said...

Yes you can tell - I just think you didn't focus on a bottle - maybe BETWEEN two bottles ?? Pretty palm tree - on Clear Lake ????? Or the Hobbs Winery ? tp

Unknown said...

If the camera won't focus you might be standing too close to the subject. Try taking a step back and see if that helps.

BTW, Kate read your post and said I would be an ass if I provided any technical photo-related comments. So, . . . How could I resist?

MitMoi said...

TP - Palm tree was at Ceago in Clear Lake ... and I DID FOCUS ... on the Paul Hobbs label.

Maybe my friend the ass (lol - God I love Kate!) is right. I was too close.

Maybe all you (Robert & Chris)fancy-smanshy photographers can help me when we're together in New York.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to Ginn's in AZ ?