Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sheep's head with lots of Tongue, por favor

Last night on my way to class I stopped at a Taqueria. Taco options included Barbacoa, al Pastor, and Lengua … among other offerings. I ordered the Barbacoa and carnitas … plus Horchata, since they didn’t have any unsweet tea. (Actually they didn’t have ANY kind of ice tea).

As I went to the Aguas Frescas bar to get my drink, the young guy asked me if I had a husband. “uhhh, no.” Then he wanted to know if I had babies. “I work with big babies, but I don’t HAVE any,” I told him. (The humor clearly went over his head).

“Boyfriend?” he asked

“Nada” I wanted to say I liked amigas … but didn’t know if that was really the correct term – and figured that whole sarcasm thing might get lost on him, so I just left it at “nada”.

"Why not?"

"I'm too mean?" which brought a puzzled look to his face.

Next he wanted to know what kind of job I had … of course “software for Agriculture is SO EASY to translate!” So I shortened it to “computadoras”. THEN he wanted to know if I LIVED in “the Gotham City”.

“No” < - - needs no translation, it is the same word in English AND Spanish.

“Why are you here?” I knew he didn’t mean in the restaurant, as that was pretty obvious. “Duke, educación de la autor” I told him … TOTALLY mangling his language and I’m sure making him doubt my ability to string sentences together in a pleasing way.

Then I asked him about himself. “Esposa?” “Bambino?” … clearly I didn’t have to ask WHERE HE WORKED. Both answers were “nada”. We smiled at each other … camaradas en unidad.

About that time my tacos were ready … as I picked them up, he asked for my telephone number. “Tambien malo,” I said and then I cheerfully called “Adios, señores” to he and the rest of the gang.

The tacos, two salsas, and marinated vegetables were wonderful … and for some stupid reason, a 22 year old Latin male trying to ask me out put a smile on my face.


Christopher Paquette said...

sounds like truly authentic & yummy tacos, and you should have dated him at least for the possibility of free tacos.

check out this site...

oh, and are you Twittering yet?

Allie said...

I totally agree with Christopher!! You should have kept "conversing" with the guy for free tacos!! Free tacos are the gift that keeps on giving!!