Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winging It

Last night - after packing the kitchen supplies I went to bed without packing the "Leslie" supplies. I pack all the time - so it's a pretty simple process. Except when you decide you can't pack until you fold the laundry. *sigh*

I got my stuff in one small suitcase except 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of hiking boots. Not that I plan on hiking. But in case it snows - or - a cute man shows up and I want him to THINK I could hike, if I weren't so busy cooking. Or reading. Or writing. Or drinking. Or a combo of any of the above.

As I drove away from home I was congratulating myself for remembering my scarf. And my (office's) GPS. And canceling my newspaper, and the mail ... when I realized ... darn. Didn't turn down the heater. Oh well. It's on a timer anyway - and at night it doesn't come on unless the house gets below 52 degrees. It only warms up to 68 in the mornings and from 6pm - 10pm. So ... it's not like I'll be wasting LOTS of energy.

I had 5 things to pick up at the grocery store on my lunch hour: bread for french toast; bread for nibbling; English Muffins; Orange Marmalade; and Mexican Corn. Done with my shopping. The whole time I was thinking how great it was that I wasn't going to have to do the REAL shopping. Total score on my part.

Just now - the REAL grocery shoppers called. She's sounding slightly paniced. But really - it's not like there's anything UNIQUE on the list. No eye-of-neut, pink peppercorns, or Huitlacoche or anything. (Like I've asked Talla Palla to search for) in the past! Hee-hee!

However these two ingredients do seem to be in short (non-existant) supply.

No fresh oragano at the store!! Could we use dried. (Yes)

Someone bought all the Butternut Squash - what would we do??? (Spaghetti squash will subsitute just fine)

Seems like everything is going according to plan ... except I'm still here at work. I was hoping the benevolent GM would let me go early ... but ... looks like that's not going to happen. I must say - the phones have been fairly busy. A lot of people panicing that we won't be here on Friday and Saturday.

I wonder if I'll have phone reception up there. I'm hoping not. Of course - it's not like I ANSWER my phone anyway!

Wanna see where I'm going to be? Click and view !


Joseph H. said...

I have a butternut squash you can have, but you have to come get it. ;)

krisis said...

I had to go on a butternut squash hunt last night, and guiltily snapped up the last two packages in the store.

In other news, check out the amazingly fortuitous 12 degree leap in temperature at your scenic destination.