Thursday, November 27, 2008

And everyone said


(It might be possible they didn’t understand why I needed to start cooking at three this afternoon.)

(It might be possible they didn’t understand this was an “easy” dinner)

(It is possible I wasn’t expecting to cut the chicken into pieces MYSELF, just because I wanted “French Cut” Chicken – and that added an extra hour to my cooking time)

(My tart crust looked great – then I took it out of the pan to make it look better. THANK GOD it tasted amazing.)

But they’re still talking to me. (Admittedly it was very quite during dinner. Just scrape, scrape, scrape of their forks and knives on the plates)

And the Marmalade French Toast Casserole is in the fridge – ready for tomorrow’s breakfast.

So I’ll end this with – I am thankful; that those that aren’t cooks – allow me to do what makes me happiest.

I hope your day was filled with things that made your eyes smile when you put them in your mouth!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving day to you - what is French cut chicken ????
While dinner was being plated and bowled, Kennedy came into the kitchen and ask: "Where's the turkey, Gram ?" *o*
The prime rib was delicious - OBH BBQ's it and it came out just right for everybody !!!
Have a nice weekend. tp