Tuesday, July 29, 2008

But tonight:

Tonight: I thought I’d change the tense – and post this blog I started Saturday morning when I was delusional with the idea I had energy – but see end of this never ending list.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about how I didn’t do anything on Sunday – except read the paper, cruise the web, and go to a writer’s get together … but – HOW BORING.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about how I found out my friend who greeted me mornings at five o’clock at the YMCA, (and was a reason I kept showing up even though I HATE EXERCISING), and who’d just asked me if I’d cook for he and his wife two nights a month, died suddenly (he was in his early 60's), and I only found out when I looked at the obits on Sunday (his funeral was on Saturday) – but it just makes me cry – and feel inadequate – and like everything disappears in seconds.

Tonight: I thought I’d tell you that it’s not just YOU – I’ve been hiding out from– but I’ve been hiding from everyone. [insert sad face here]

Tonight: I thought I’d make the phone call I owe my parents – or at least write them another e-mail or two– but it hasn’t happened.

Tonight: I thought I’d send my extended family in California e-mails and announcements that I’ll be home for about 48 hours and see if I can’t figure out some crazy way to see them all – but I haven’t.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about how I was going to make this great dinner with fresh beets – but I couldn’t because I don’t have all the ingredients here in the house for any of the recipes I found.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about the great shrimp dish I made using the 3 fresh apricots I bought when I did my grocery shopping without any recipes in mind last night – but I couldn’t find one.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about the Chicken Parmesan I decided to make when I couldn’t find a recipe for plum sauce glazed pork chops that I'd dreamed up – but realized I was out of spaghetti sauce – so that was out the window.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about the Penne a la Vodka I made substituting roasted red peppers for tomatoes. It was good enough for me to eat – but it’s not something I’d serve to anyone I like.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about the dead tree in my front yard that the power company is going to “top” … and I’m not sure where the “topping” ends – and how much I’m going to have to pay to have the rest of the “bottom” removed – but that’s about all I know.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about all the places I’ll be going starting 8/10 – and all the non-work plans I’ve made– but it just sounds like not enough time to spend with anyone.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about how I’ll be in 11 different airports in 17 days– but I’m finding it hard to remain excited about the idea.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about how I’ll be in 10 different hotels in 17 days– but I don’t have the energy.

Tonight: I thought I’d write about I was fully recovered from the last three weeks – but it seems it’s a lie.

Tonight: I discovered I’m hormonal, started dinner too late, and might be a touch “emotional” so– this is all you get …

Home is so wonderful!

Got off the plane around 9:00 pm Friday night and took the shuttle to my car (almost left my laptop behind on the shuttle *sigh*), then drove to the restaurant where my order for Palak Panier, Lamb Vindaloo, and Naan was waiting, and arrived home just a little after ten o'clock.

At just before eleven o’clock I crawled into bed - and didn't wake until eight forty-five this (Saturday) morning. I have a load of laundry going - and I've had my first cup of REAL coffee, not HOTEL coffee. *shudder*

I read the newspaper - then made some breakfast.

<digression #1> That boy, Didi-bo-Pimp-Daddy, is SO SMART! When I was in Dayton I complained about not having fresh milk when I returned from a trip. I usually buy some boxed (not freeze dried) milk, but it’s expensive and a pain to keep on hand. Being a bargain shopper, he told me he’ll often buy 3-4 gallons on sale and then he showed me how he stored milk. IN THE FREEZER. It expands a little, but not enough to break the seal – and make a mess. So I tried it for the last two trips. I put a ½ gallon in the freezer when I leave, and when I return, I set it in the sink to defrost. When I wake up in the morning I have COLD, FRESH milk ready to go!!</digression #1>

For breakfast I made an omelet with Queso Fresco and chopped chives. How nice - not a rubberized, freeze dried, "shooting clay/egg disk" in sight. I added 3 maple cured sausages and a piece of rosemary/olive oil Italian bread toasted with jalapeno jelly to complete the meal.

I have my last load of laundry drying - and the other already folded and put away. (yay me! Clothes put away - along with my suitcase being completely unpacked and stowed for the next two weeks.)

Oh - I just thought about my sheets. Not quite done with laundry. Still need to wash them - and remake the bed.

And then? I lay down and slept ‘till 3 pm.

– but … I’m home ‘till 8/9 – and that’s something, right?

– but … I’m employed – and that’s something, right?

– but … I have lots of amazing friends – and that’s something, right?


Anonymous said...

And YOU are amazing as well, Mit. You are an intelligent, kind, witty, compassionate, sensitive, unique, and charming woman...and anyone who says otherwise is a damned liar!!


mamie said...

That post was quite the emotional roller coaster ride. I love how you put it together beginning with "tonight...." Hope I'm going to get to see you next week - I'll have an extra hug ready.

Anonymous said...

Your August itinerary is simmilar to a Joan Young vacation ininerary.


The Purple Panda said...

Hey, you've got plenty, including a real gift for this writing thing we do.

And man, if I could cook the way you write about it (and actually do it, I'm sure); heck, if I could *eat* like you write about it...

That there is real love.

looking forward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

You sounded so depressed in this last Blog - wish I were there to hold you and listen. Hope things straighten out in a day or two. Love you, tp

Eric said...

My stop's the only one she's not staying overnight at. Too bad, no opportunity to seduce the wonderful woman.