Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tonic (no lime or Vodka) (yet)

A week ago Friday – I wasn’t sure if I’d make it home from Tennessee. I’d used up all my reserve energy, run as far as the adrenalin would allow – and had no more to give. I awoke with a blinding headache at 4:30 in the morning. I took an aspirin and assumed when I got back up at 6:30 all would be well. WRONG.

I made it to the 8:00 am “review” meeting at corporate headquarters. I joined Hot Sauce in calling on a client from 9:15 to 10:30. By then, I was getting desperate. I was pale and shaky and felt on the edge of NOT being able to holding it all together. We returned to the office to pick up the GM and another Raleigh coworker. The boys had a flight out about 2 hours earlier than my flight.

Plan A was to ask a coworker for the keys to her house and crash (sleep for an hour or so) after I dropped the boys off before returning for my flight. But it wasn’t in the cards.

Plan B was to return to the office and find a corner to curl up in – and give into the coma. Turned out Plan B wasn’t an option either.

So Plan C was to drop the boys off – gas up the rental, turn in the car, check in for my flight (as I couldn’t fly out standby on their flight because it was over sold), and find an airport seat to pass out in while I waited for my flight.

I was in such bad shape, THE BOYS NOTICED and made concerned sounds. YOU KNOW YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE, when male coworkers say, “Are you ok? You’re not laughing.” “No really, you’re not talking either.” “Are you SURE you’re ok??”

After I kicked them out of the SUV curbside, I looped around and filled the gas tank. It’s possible I was making bargains with God at this point. It’s hard to remember if I was begging Him to let me live or die. Apparently He thought my sentence here on earth hadn’t been fully served, and He wasn’t going to let me off with good behavior, so I lived to turn in the car and check in to US Air.

As I headed toward my gate, I decided to grab a Backyard Burger – to complete the coma induction. (Are you that way? Eat when you’re tired and then feel like you’re going to pass out once you have a full stomach? I am.) Arriving at the gate – who do I encounter? The boys. There flight had been delayed. Interestingly enough – my lunch reinvigorated me – or at least I no longer thought I was going to fall down on the concourse and have a temper tantrum if one more thing happened to prevented me from taking a nap.

Eventually their plane left (with them on it), mine showed up (I got on it) and I arrived in Charlotte. I made my connecting flight (they didn’t) and I flew home to Raleigh (they had to drive).

As you know, I did nothing on Saturday. Nor on Sunday. By Monday I expected to be back to full power. WRONG. Tuesday night was endless recipe night. BUT! Near the end of the evening a friend called and invited me, spur of the moment, over to dinner on Wednesday night. This is the couple from church I usually provide with menus and do all the cooking. She told me this evening would be her treat. No menu planning or cooking for me. Just show up and eat.

It was a great evening. Time spent with them recharged my batteries – and made me focus on what was important. Today when I awoke I felt like might be back to 100% charged.

At work I exchanged e-mails with my newish neighbors (my friends from church, the ones who built the new home in my neighborhood). They invited me to stop by after work. I had Hot Sauce drop me off at their front door step. Even before the first glass of wine was poured, she was inviting me to stay and share dinner with them.

What another delightful evening. We spent the evening drinking wine, laughing, exchanging ideas and creating dreams.

The last two nights have been a tonic. I am restored – and looking forward to my next adventure, which begins a week from Sunday.

I’m still missing some details – but here are the highlights.

Sunday I’ll fly into Houston, TX

!Fun part! And have an early dinner with my friend Eric. Then I drive to Wharton.

Monday I conduct a seminar in Wharton – then drive to Waco.

Tuesday I conduct a seminar in Waco – then fly from Dallas (Love Field) to Lubbock.

!Possible fun part! Maybe I’ll get to meet up with Bill.

Wednesday I install software and train a client in Sudan (northwest of Lubbock).

!Fun part! Wednesday night I’ll meet Bill V. for drinks and maybe dinner.

Thursday I train a client in Plainview Tx. North of Lubbock.

Friday I conduct a seminar in Lubbock then fly to Albuquerque.

I’ll drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe (63 miles) and spend the weekend in Santa Fe!!!! (Yay! Yay! Yay!)

!Fun part! Saturday remains unplanned in Santa Fe. I’m expecting to fill it with art and amazing food made from chilies.

Sunday I will auto from Santa Fe to El Paso (328 miles).

Monday I conduct a seminar in El Paso and then fly to Phoenix. I drive from Phoenix to Casa Grande (54 miles) that night.

!Fun part! I will meet up with my MOSTEST FAVORITE RED-HEAD in Casa Grande, eat at Little Sombrero (now bouncing up and down in my seat in anticipation), and lay my head down in my room at Casa de Ginn!!!!

Tuesday is a seminar in Casa Grande and then I fly from Phoenix to Las Vegas. Landing in Las Vegas I’ll drive to Kingman (104 miles).

Wednesday I’ll install and train another client in the Mohave Valley (68 miles).

!Fun part! Wednesday night I will meet an old friend in Kingman for dinner. I knew him in California when President of the Junior College we attended and he was a Student Senator. Now he is the Tribal Chairman of the Chemehuevi Indian Reservation!!! (Located on the Colorado River). I cannot wait to spend time with Spike and hear of his political adventures for the last 15 years.

Thursday I train for a half-day, then drive back to Las Vegas (116 miles), where I’ll catch a flight to Fresno, Ca. Landing in Fresno I drive (48 miles) down to Tulare.

I’m afraid to make any plans Thursday night.

Friday I conduct a seminar in Tulare.

!Possible fun part! I think my parents are driving down from the Sacramento Valley and I’ll get to have dinner with them Friday night.

!Possible fun part! Saturday I hope to put together an “All Family” BBQ-Lunch in the tiny town of Exeter where I can see my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins from both my Mom and Dad’s side of the families. I also think my friend “The Georgia Peach” will be joining me (we might try to sneak dinner in Thursday) and maybe my “Little Brother” too.

Saturday afternoon I’ll drive down to Los Angeles.

!Fun part! I’ve made plans to dine with Satan (or it’s possible I’ll be so tired/strung out and grouchy we’ll switch roles) She can be “the happy one” and I’ll be “Satan”.

Sunday I fly to Little Rock, AR.

!Fun part! I H8 24 and Mr. Fish will pick me up in Little Rock and take me out to dinner. I fully expect to dine with them and their gorgeous twin sons – or at least eat in the restaurant with one of them serving me! Then on their way home, they’ll drop me off in Pine Bluff.

Monday is yet ANOTHER SEMINAR (with a coworker this time) in Pine Bluff, and then we drive to Memphis.

Tuesday is … GUESS! Yep – seminar in Blytheville, AR. So we’ll drive from Memphis to Blytheville and back. *sigh*

Wednesday is … OMG! A seminar in Brownsville, TN. So it will be another excursion from Memphis to Brownsville and back in a day.

Thursday is THE VERY FINAL AND LAST FOR THE YEAR seminar in Memphis. WOO-HOO!!!! Yippy! YAY!

!Fun part! I start my 3-day weekend on Friday when Mr. Fish and I H8 24 will drive to Memphis and haul my tired ass down to the lake house in Lake Village, AR.

!Fun part! It’s possible we’ll find the energy on Saturday to mosey into Greenwood and go to the Alluvian and eat lunch at Giardina’s Restaurant. (Hello – the owners of this establishment run the VIKING RANGE COOKING SCHOOL!!!)

!Fun part! Sunday I plan to loll around until lunch time when we’re going to be big pigs and eat lunch at the Lakeshore Café in Lake View, AR. I’ve also sent an e-mail to my Dad’s former boss and his wife to see if they can join us.

!Fun part! Monday – I will continue my porcine ways by eating and sleeping and reading while occasionally venturing down to the dock, going out on the party barge, or lounging on the wonderfully soft bed in MY ROOM!!!

Tuesday – Fly from Little Rock to RDU – and “Start a New Season”.


(I may need another Tonic when I get home!)


Anonymous said...

Leapin' lizards!!! I got exhausted just LOOKING at the 23 day schedule!! You will definitely need another Tonic when you get back into town.

For now, enjoy your time at home, sit back, and relax!

Be well, John, Mit.


Anonymous said...

We will be on the road to Tulare if that's what works best for you - sounds great to us ! Can we maybe TALK re: plan ???? Luv, tp

I H8 24 said...

You will be treated like a queen once you get to Lake Village, your favorite scotch, a cool dark room to nap in, a ton of books to read, a few good meals, and Buddy Love to come in to check on you once in a while with a big toothy, doggy grin!!! We can't wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Georgia Peach can not wait to see you!!! I know you are trying to fit everyone in and I hate to add to your already hectic schedule but if you could fit me in for some alone (girl talk) time I would love it. Just tell me when and where.

CG said...


You have no idea how cool and well traveled that makes me feel. ;) Haha.

Keetha said...

What that sounds like is exhausting. But do check out the Alluvian. It's fabulous.