Thursday, June 05, 2008

How can you tell that a chef is flying to visit you?

Their luggage has the “expected” in it. Silpat spatula, chef’s knife, curry powder, fish sauce and flexible cutting board. There might also be dried cranberries, roasted peanuts, shallots, fresh ground coffee, basmati rice … and uhh… seasonings. Oregano, thyme, herbs de province, rubbed rosemary.

I don’t think Didi knows how serious I was about this “cooking” thing.

First stop after I land is Trader Joe’s and Dorothy Lane.

Tonight we’ll have Lime Chicken in Thai Fish sauce and Cilantro/Almond Basmati Rice.

For our picnic tomorrow, while we tour the distilleries, there’ll be curry chicken wraps, veggies, and chips.

Friday night – we’ll be doing bourbon something. Either beef or pork.

Rumors are he’s making me pancakes on Sunday morning. We’ll see.

ps: I've landed - I'll be gathering speeding tickets this whole trip I'm sure. I have a Mustang. Fastback.


Joseph H. Vilas said...

I make bitchin' pancakes. Just sayin. :)

Gina Eaves said...

Mit!!!! Have a blast!!!!

Thank you again for your hospitality. I put a little bit about the 'surprise' in my blog! You'll get a kick out of it.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Stay sober so you can remember the fantastic trip you are having!*o* tp

Bob said...


color me envious.

enjoy yourself.

Mike aka Proof said...

How can you tell that a chef is flying to visit you?
Her arms are tired???