Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last Night

One of my friends (a country girl) from writing class stays with me one night a week (because it's more than an hour drive home to her place in-the-middle-of-nowhere).

I have to tell you how much


So - should you.

I came home from work tonight. Distracted - tired – and feeling like I'm coming down with a sore throat.

I walked into the kitchen, I opened up the refrigerator - to put something in it. A pizza box (from two weeks ago) is moved. I think “Oh good! Maybe she had a piece or two of pizza for breakfast, since there was no milk for cold cereal this morning. I was also feeling bad that I'd turned off the coffee pot when I left for work. (But that turned out to be a good thing, because she didn’t wake up ‘till after 11:30 this morning)

Then I turned around to the kitchen bar ... hmm - two CLEAN wine glasses sat on my uncluttered counter - but nothing registers (although the bar was covered in mail and newspapers this morning).

I turn back to the other side of the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine - by the coffee maker ....

HEY! What are all these clean dishes??

I look around – and suddenly I realize ... she did ALL MY DISHES - from the last two days!


As I look around a little more, I realize the whole kitchen has been straightened up.



Holy Mother of God I love her!

So go send her a woo (comment on her blog) people!


Anonymous said...

Well, how did your final turn out? Your recipe below sounded like it would be great folded onto a pita with some raw cabbage and salsa mixed in to be eaten as a fish taco. I know, simplicity ...wife calling gotta go.

mamie said...

More important than giving her a woo, call her mother and tell her that she was being clean clean clean. Or, um, maybe not--it'll raise expectations....

Anonymous said...

Your angle doeth watch over you !!! In the name of friendship and appreciation !!!!!! You deserve it - you are sooo good to your friends ! tp

G Liz said...

I just read your blog!!! You are way too kind and sweet and god to me!

It was NOTHING compared to all of the kindness you have shown me this past year!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!! :-) Thank you for making my day!!!!

G Liz said...

I meant 'good'...not god...although, after eating your food and drinking your wine, I occasionally make the mistake! :-)