Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Winging It (And other forms of Procratination)

I have a rewrite of one of my short stories due tomorrow. I also have two critiques due tomorrow. Plus a short-short story (500 words) (Ha! As if I could even write a grocery list in 500 words). I was out of the office all day today and will tomorrow too. So – the chances of “finishing” (which would also imply STARTING) anything are pretty damn slim.

You’d think that TONIGHT – when I have time, I’d be writing away like mad, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong. (Technically, blogging doesn’t count towards college credits, so this doesn’t count) Instead, I am cooking dinner. But! It was a quick dinner. Because we all have to eat, yes?

It actually DID turn out to be quick – ready in 30 minutes. And good! (Especially when you consider I made up the recipes).

Do you do that? Have to come up with stuff on the spur of the moment? I thought, “I’ll just make something up!” because I didn’t want to go home, go on-line, find something and THEN go back to the store.

I wanted fish. I wanted crunch. I wanted heat. I wanted a lime/cream sauce. (I have no idea where that desire came from, it just presented itself).

I stopped at the store. I went to the fishmonger section first and had a heart attack. Then decided Tilapia at $5.99/lbs was in my budget. After choosing the fish, I went to the produce section. Lime, cilantro, Thai chili. Dairy – heavy cream. Asian section – Panko Breadcrumbs. Bulk foods, almonds. Wine – a white blend – citrus notes. Oh! A veggie. Back to the produce section – Sugar Peas! And I was out of the store.

At home, I tried to find a recipe for the fish. Of course, there wasn’t one, because I was making it up! I used a tried-and-true one for the rice – but didn’t have green onions (because “tried and true” does not mean “memorized ingredients”). I “winged” it on the peas.

The meal? I could serve it to guests and I don’t think they’d be disappointed.

Here’s my evaluation, scores, and cooking notes for the nights meal.

Tilapia in Panko Breadcrumbs:

  • Ease of Recipe: 8
  • Visual: 8
  • Taste: 9
  • Execution: 9
  • Notes for Next time: Bigger dish for flour. Sprinkle/dip/dredge all pieces BEFORE adding to skillet.
Lime/Thia Chili Cream Sauce:
  • Ease of Recipe: 8
  • Visual: 8
  • Taste: 8
  • Execution:6
  • Notes for Next time: Damn it! Be patient! Let the cream reduce, alright all ready.
Basmati Pilaf with Almonds/Cilantro:
  • Ease of Recipe: 9
  • Visual: 9
  • Taste: 9
  • Execution: 9
  • Notes for Next time: Have scallions/green onions. (using chicken broth instead of beef did not deteriorate flavor at all)
Sugar Peas:
  • Ease of Recipe: 10
  • Visual: 7
  • Taste: 8
  • Execution: 4
  • Notes for Next time:Hello? Tender Green things – cook, for, like TWO MINUTES!!! (not 5 – and quench in ice-water to maintain crisp texture (d’oh!)

Over all dinner score? 7.88

Not bad I guess for “winging” it.

Edit to add: I just realized. I am not just avoiding "homework". This is my FINAL in my writing class. :( (Guess I better get-to-it)


Anonymous said...

Guess that just proves - you live to eat, not eat to live !!! *o* tp

Christopher Paquette said...

oh the many ways we procrastinate!!

....and you should be cooking this way every night! Who needs recipes?
Ok, for baking or specialized desserts, etc. when ingredients are critical to the outcome..... but for regular dinner? no way! Learn to trust your own chef skills.... you know how to cook and what tastes good... you don't need no stinkin' recipe to tell you whats for dinner!

Anonymous said...

Oh if only I could perfect the art of pan frying Tilapia.