Monday, April 07, 2008

When Playing ...

word games with couples from church ....

perhaps it's not wise to use the word "CLIT" ....

Even if it is worth 14 points.


(and NO, I did not get the points, because it wasn't in the version of the Webster's Dictionary we had at the beach house.)

Yeah, it was kind of embarrassing. I didn't even really think about it much. We were playing Quiddler.

I had the combination card C-L, then an I and a T ... plus the letters for “AT” and another “I” and “A”, I think. IT SUCKED. Of course, all three men knew the word immediately. One of them said, “I don't think we're going to find that in the dictionary, Mit. Besides, it's an abbreviation.” (which aren't allowed)

BUT THE WOMEN!! "What word is that?" "Did you mean "CLOT"? "Why are you turning red??" "It's an abbreviation for WHAT??"

Other than that (actually including that) it was a great weekend.

We got done there about 5:00 pm on Friday. We left RTP at 1:30. I really like the couple I rode down with. We talked (I know - hard to believe) all the way down. This year, because we had the Garmin, we didn't miss the short-cut turn-off, like we did LAST year. The third couple showed up about 6. We went to a local place for dinner that night. I had THE BEST fried oysters and scallops I've had in YEARS. Just barely cooked, moist, crispy. YUM.

Saturday we woke up to RAIN. Hard, driving rain. I got up really early and drank coffee with the men. (They're so nice - and never act weird when I'm around.) Then I made the Basil-Potato Frittata for breakfast. A+ everyone will eat again.

I spent the day revising my draft of "The Flume Tender's Cabin". They all just sat around - and talked and did "stuff". Like grazed all day on our "lunch". A cheese ball, some great onion-creamy-spicy dip (known as “Uncle Allen’s Dip, although there is no Uncle Alan in the group), chips, zucchini bread, grapes, and uhhh - other stuff, I'm sure. (Vodka Tonics)

Late in the afternoon it cleared up a bit - and we had cocktail time on the 3rd floor patio looking out at the ocean. (More Vodka Tonics for me. Ginger and Dickels, Martini’s, white wine for the others.)

For dinner the hosts made Frogmore Stew and red cabbage coleslaw. The Frogmore Stew has shrimp, ears of corn, Kielbasa, and new potatoes in a "boil". (seasoned water)

Then we (they) watched (stupid) ULCA lose to (horrible) Kansas. Of course they were really just killing time before the (very sad) UNC/Memphis game came on. While we waited and while UNC was losing (the whole game) we played Quiddler.

Sunday we got up - had French Toast made from the most AWESOME whole wheat/seeded bread - then cleaned up our rooms/bathrooms - sat around, planned our next outing and came home.

*This writing class is kicking my butt. I am sorry the travelogue has been interrupted. Soon-ish I will be back to posting.

**After I finish the travelogue, I will serialize “The Flume Tender’s Cabin” and post it.


mamie said...

Thanks for writing somewhat of a travelogue to keep your hungry readers satisfied. Let's call this post an appetizer....

I H8 24 said...

Sounds like a great week-end!!!

Keetha said...

My, that sounds like *quite* the Scrabble game!

Quick technical question if you don't mind - how do you change the font size using this template. At my food blog,, I have this same template but the little letters are too small and I am apparently too techno-challenged to fix it.


Woodstock said...

This made me laugh out loud. I worked in a college bookstore for 7 years and we used four character abbreviations for the different departments. You can guess how Comparative Literature ended up ;) It always seemed so subversive to me, but I'm like that.