Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm Not Hiding This Year

Birthdays are for ... being with those you care about most. When you’re single and your family doesn't live nearby ... birthdays can be a little weird. Do you hope people remember and invite you to do something? Do you say something and hope they surprise you? Do you just ignore it?

Back a million years ago, in Arizona, I use to throw my own birthday parties. I started throwing them after I realized ½ the people I wanted to share my day with weren’t included, because no one knew how to contact all my different friends and acquaintances. They were GREAT parties. Held at my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Fuente. The owners closed the restaurant and let us take over. Those WERE the best of times. I moved back to California – and my family threw me two great parties.

Then came North Carolina. I’ve been on the road for three of the last seven years for my birthday. That first year was the toughest. I refused to sit in my hotel room and be glum, so I took a customer out for dinner – and then later told them why. I used the same tactic on the other two b’days. Each dinner and client has been special.

The three out of the four times I’ve been home here in Raleigh, I've been with a small group of friends.

Last year, I hid. I’m not sure why. I didn’t want anyone doing anything for me. I’ve never worried about age. I don’t EVER want to worry about my age – or be depressed because I’m another year older. That just seems … self-defeating to me. But hanging out at home on your b’day sucks. (for me)

This year, I’m throwing myself a party again - because then I can be with everyone I love (who lives in town). So tonight, about 20-25 of my closest friends will be descending upon Chez Mit. Since I haven’t won the lottery, or received my tax refund (earmarked for SAVINGS), I’ve asked everyone to bring their favorite bottle of wine or champagne (or any beverage they like) - for a tasting! I’ve also asked them to bring an interesting cheese and a few crackers -or- some fruit -or- some cured meats. And we'll "as-build" the party from there.

I’m hoping some of the guests will bring digital cameras. If they do, I’ll post pictures.


Bob said...

I think it's terrific you throw your own birthday party. It sounds like this one will be a real blast.

Anonymous said...

Just dropping in to say Happy Birthday, and we wish we were there!
M.O.T.O.R. & D.O.T.O.R.

Anonymous said...

It was a long time ago that I waited for you to arrive into this world. I sat all alone in the hospital waiting room. I wish I could join the party. Have a good time and enjoy your friends.


I H8 24 said...

Even though, I won't be at the party, I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the most wonderful birthday ever!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

It was a l o n g time ago that I waited, anxiously, for you to arrive - early in the morning, which is still your style ! *o*

Wish we could join you - Happy Wonderful 44th birthday !!!! Love, Mom

Ally & Doug said...

It was a festive time to be had by all! You were so sweet to invite us to your birthday suaree! We had a blast. We're terribly sorry that we didn't show up in our fishnet and sequined outfits. We'll save those for Christmas. Teehee! Thanks again, Mit...Happy Birthday!!

Geggie said...

Happy birthday, Mit!!

mamie said...

Aw, those notes from your parents made MY day. Wish I could have been there and I know it was great, just like you.

Woodstock said...

Buon compleanno! (That's 'happy birthday' in Italian ;) )

I hope your party was everything you wanted it to be. And may your coming year be full of happy surprises!

Kathy said...

Hi, I just wandered into your blog via Fussy...sounds like fun!! Happy Birthday!!

G Liz said...

You might not be hiding from your birthday, but you're hiding from your blog!!! Where are you!!!! I miss reading your daily postings!!!