Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I feel like a Wes

Yesterday between a writing class and guest lecture, I moved the contents of my freezer to a friends house. Today I will get refrigerator stuff moved. (My internal home temp. was 42 degrees, so I'm not too worried about stuff going bad)

Insurance is paying for a hotel ... which I thought would be a good thing -

but the hotel does NOT have free wireless (or any kind of internet access that is free)

it has a kitchen (so no food allowance), BUT no paper towels, and no coffee filters. (not to mention no coffee - but by luck I had my whole beans and grinder with me - because Dr. Esq (heathen) only had DECAF (WTF??) coffee at his house)

AND - it only offers "room service" (ie: cleaning/towels) once every 7 days, but I will only be there for 3 days. :(

AND this morning it had NO hot water. (I had lukewarm long enough to shampoo and rinse - then ICE-COLD water.

Insurance will pay for tree removal, after I pay my deductible.

Originally they said they'd pay for appliance testing/repair/replacement under my coverage. Then they called back and said they wouldn't do repair only replacement (which sounded better), until he said he also read the policy wrong, and the only things covered with appliances "attached to the house" ie: Stove/Oven, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Heater/AC ... BUT NO SMALL APPLIANCES with circuit boards or tubes. (read, TV'S, DVD Player, Stereo, VCR, answering machine, phone, microwave, LAPTOP, etc.) (Although, I guess my floor and table lamps will be covered.)

Insurance will give me up to $500 for refrigerator loss - AFTER I pay for the first $100.00.

Of course, I won't know what's working/not working in the house, and what condition the internal house wiring is in, until AFTER I get the electricity back on Friday.

I am trying to find the "bright-side" in all of this. I guess those items would be - at least I wasn't traveling when this happened, my house didn't burn down, the tree didn't fall on the house or my car.

Still, they don't seem to be making me feel much better.

I had a spot of brightness Monday night. But it deserves a full post. Maybe later this afternoon. I am sure you are tired of hearing about HOD (House Of Disaster).


Geggie said...

Oh good Lord! Sending happy thoughts your way!

I H8 24 said...

I hate dealing with insurance!!

Bob said...

without electricity, how can you be sure all of your appliances are toast?

I've got a 80 ft pine in my front yard that is looking decidedly unhealthy. I'm afraid to ask how much to cut it down. but it's probably cheaper than rebuilding half of the house.

Bob said...

I'm such a moron - you mention in your post that you don't know anything is broken and won't until the power is back on.

MitMoi said...

but Bob, you're commenting in MY BLOG, so you're "MY" moron, and I <3 you.

Plus, it's a good reminder for me to not assume the worse.