Wednesday, February 13, 2008

God is good, Always

And the people reply: Always, God is good

So Monday … which seems like a lifetime ago, but in reality only three days ago, I was just beginning the HOD (House of Doom) saga. I was shell-shocked, and not feeling my usual sparky self, it was as if all the energy was drained from me. I really wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole somewhere and seek oblivion – yet I had a commitment to keep.

My writing instructor had arranged for Richard Bausch to meet with us over pizza, before he came to talk to our class on Tuesday afternoon, followed by a reading Tuesday evening, of his soon to be released novel, Peace. I sent an e-mail excusing myself, then sent another saying I would attend. I am so glad I did.

One to the anthologies we’ve been reading this semester is , The Short Stories of Richard Bausch. Now you all know me. I read. Voraciously. I know what I like, but I’m not good at saying WHY I like it. There are many times when people go on, and on, about some structural component of writing or a story … and I just sit there, feeling as if people are speaking Mook, and I am hearing Ook.

So off I went to hear Mook,

and try and translate it to Ook …

but not one word of spook was spoke.


Instead, a glass of red,

Abated my dread.


Near him I stood,

feeling like he was a neighbor from the hood.


Along came Gina, practitioner of Lent,

All forms of pleasure she promised to forget.


She sang on a dare

“Kitty that Old Cow”,

And “Touch me There”

A vibrator song,

beyond compare.


The onset of a duet.

Just met, it was kismet,


Blackbird and Landslide

They sang by the hearth-side


And should I have declined,

My God could not have shined,

Instead he chose to remind,

He is mine.


mamie said...

Very nice. I'm glad you came too.

Gina Elizabeth said...

Yay!!!!! I love it! I'm famous!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess the last two phrases ? You sang a duet ????? tp