Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wall of Tired

When I leave work, I am driving home.

Poor fellow carpoolers, their fate is unknown

At home I might have a glass of wine.

I hope it's fine.

Or I may not.

That's asking a awful lot.

At work I was very, very, tired.

Thank goodness I haven't been fired.

After the wine, with out the dine,

I'm heading to bed sublime.

I am going to shed my clothes,

they'll lie in rows.

Slide between flannel sheets,

because they retain heat.

And close my eyes.

with no more sighs, So this is goodbye

No writing tonight,


No cooking tonight,


No cleaning tonight,


No phone calls tonight,

unless you want a fight.

No social calendar,

No where will I gander.

Only sleep,

It better be deep.

See you Thursday,

If I don’t lose my way.

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