Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Crap

How I feel about the holidays: How I'd like to feel about the holidays: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Last night I decorated someone else's house. Tonight I'm going to decorate Dr. Esq. house. Who's having company on Sunday? Moi. Who should be decorating her house? Moi. Well, dead cactus look kind of festive, don't they? Maybe if I find an ornament? Okay, I have an attic FULL of ornaments. I just don't want to go up there. You have no idea how much I hate having to climb the attic ladder. Actually, going up isn't the problem .... now. Because, Hey look! Empty hands! It's the coming down that presents the problem. Not only do I have to place my foot on the right ladder rung (more of a challenge than you might realize), I also have to balance the stuff in my arms. (Have I mentioned what a klutz I am?) (and afraid of heights?) Then? Then I have to make structural decisions. Where do I put the tree? Will it fit? Can I reach the stand to water it? How much will I scratch the hardwood floors moving furniture around trying to find the "perfect" place for the tree? Once I find that place, will it stay up-right? Will it even fit in the stand? One year, I had a hack saw out on the front porch, having to trim down the too thick tree trunk. In the rain. Under the flashing Christmas lights, with no porch light, in an ice storm. I know you are believing it wasn't that bad. You're right. I did have alcohol! And after everything is decorated, I have to find room to put away all the "rest-of-the-year" do-dads. And cart it back up the attic ladder. Only to realize invariably, I left ONE BOX BEHIND. Ho! Ho! Ho! ... Let the holiday joy begin. *sigh*

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Joseph H. said...

The chick with the hair ornaments really gets me hot. :)