Friday, November 09, 2007

Cat Gifts

How can you tell when a cat likes you? Well, they go out and catch things and then bring them to you. If you’re lucky (or maybe not) the thing is still alive, and doesn’t make it into the house.

36 La Salle Cadillac

If you’re not so lucky, the thing is dead and ends up on your bed! Someday I’ll tell you about Herman, the dead bird, and the landscape mafia. (But not today.)

Mazda RX-7

I have a friend who knows I’m into cars. (Up to this point a fairly well kept secret.) I like sleek cars, fast cars, well engineered cars, cars that make me go vroooom.

Aston Martin

Within our friendship we’ve stared the Automobile Gift … which is similar to the Cat Gift. Several times a week, I’ll open up an e-mail and it will have a link to a Craig’s List car or an eBay car. Sometimes they’re good fits, sometimes they’re highly unrealistic.

'58 356a Porsche Vintage (not reproduction)

I do my part in return. On my morning drive I look around for great car designs. Car Art turns me on. Most of my morning e-mail subject lines are car makes and models.

'69 911 Porsche

These are not actual gifts he’s sent to me (because I’m not that organized), but this is a fairly good representation of what I have receive.

'55 Studdebaker P'up

I think I’ll keep his friendship and his Cat Gifts.

'50's Willy

I mean, LOOK at what this cat keeps dragging in!


Joseph H. said...

It's a shame you never got a picture of my '65 Mustang before its unpleasant end.

Gina Elizabeth said...

Les! What about the wine and drinks from last night! I feel shunned! Oh, by the way...don't you agree...he should just bend on over!!!! :-)