Saturday, September 08, 2007

S-tabbing A-pparatus t-echnically U-seless R-etarded d-imwits a-lready y-apping

::rolls blind eyes::

Mit: HelloCompanyName

Methuselah: (hacking cough) I get this 'ere er'or message when she tryyys to op'n up the com'puter. I'm (hack, hack, hack) the computer tech.

Mit: "What's the message?"

Methuselah:(click, inhale, exhale) "'dunno".

Mit:"Can you get to the error message again? I can't fix the problem without the exact message"

Methuselah:"somethin' 'bout some fyl' missin'"

Mit:"Did you just install the program on a new computer?"

Methuselah:"Naw, I jes' copied over some fyl's onto this here 'puter."

Mit:"Okay, you can't just copy the program files. You need to install the program, then restore the data. The program needs to be installed on the root of the server. Not in "shared". Everyone who will be running the program needs to have full admin rights."

Methuselah:"I don' know wha'cher (hack, hack, hack) talk'n 'bout."

So then, because I just don't have the patience to deal with this ON A SATURDAY, I put him on hold for about 5 minutes. Then I released the call. My colleague in Texas JUST called. He's now talking to Methuselah and having to deal with him.

Yay for Saturday's!

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tp said...

You are sooo funny and so irreverant ! Love you -