Monday, September 10, 2007

How many times, how many ways ....

Do I have to say ...

"I don't know anything about YOUR accounting program. I cannot help you import the file, because I don't know how YOUR accounting program works."

"I don't know where you should save the file to import it."

"I don't know if it's going to show as Paid once it's in YOUR ACCOUNTING PROGRAM."

"No, I am not sounding "snippy". I am just telling you that I DON'T KNOW HOW THAT PROGRAM WORKS, because it is not our software."

"Yes, ma'ma. You ARE the only one running THAT accounting package. And, "no", I do NOT KNOW HOW IT WORKS. I can tell you the file name we created to THEIR specifications, but really, you'll have to call THEM for help with THEIR software."

"Yes, I am serious. I do not know ANYTHING."

"Indeed, what good am I? I am of no use to you ... No, I am not being rude, I am agreeing with you. Please, won't you call THEM? If the file isn't right, THEN I can help you."

1 comment:

tp said...

Isn't it fun !!! That must be one of God's ways of teaching you patience - yes? No ? !!!! *o* *O*