Saturday, August 04, 2007

World Tour # 2 – Unplanned

Late yesterday afternoon I was told there might be a chance I would have to take over some seminars for a co-worker. I’d know “in plenty of time”. I guess 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon IS plenty of time …

Check Stress List

Get a car reservation – check!

I’ll take over his hotel reservations – (he hasn’t sent the confirmations yet)

The meeting rooms are already reserved – check!

Mail is stopped – check!

Newspaper is stopped – check!

Now I need to cancel my dinner plans for Saturday and Sunday

Send my regrets to a meeting I said I’d be at on Thursday

So, I think I’m in good shape …..


I don’t have a PRESENTATION ready to go!

So if you see a crazed looking redhead in any one of these towns next week, you’ll know why!

Monday – Sumter, South Carolina

Tuesday – Statesboro, Georgia

Wednesday – Vienna, Georgia

Thursday – Tifton, Georgia

Friday – drive back to Raleigh, NC

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