Monday, August 06, 2007

Hot, Tired, Disgusted

Heat isn’t bad – it’s the humidity.

Tired – up ‘till midnight Saturday working on data and presentations, up at 6 Sunday morning – went to church – blah, blah, blah.

Came home, ate lunch, picked up the rental car, packed, drove to Sumter, SC. Worked with uncooperative data until midnight. (Might have chatted for a little while).

Today – awake at 5:00 am – couldn’t sleep – fought with data and FTP protocols that were balky. Walked into meeting room at 7:30 – to set up for 8:00 meeting – room not set up. First customer arrives at 8:10 …. Proceed with demonstration of new interface while room is set up and while unable to conquer FTP problem which renders most of presentation gibberish – as customers cannot see product in action.

9:00 – Second half of meeting begins. Still unable to cross technical divide. Find new bugs in the program as I’m demonstrating it. It always makes me happy when I say, “Now, I’ll show you this, this, and this, and then we’ll look at the data – and you’ll see what’s been added". Only to look at the data and see NOTHING HAS BEEN ADDED.

12:00 – break for lunch – get stuck with the client on anti-depressant medication. Clearly her dosage isn’t correct. I feel like I should ask for some medicine too.

12:30 – escape back to meeting room to see if there’s a response from the programmers about the FTP situation. “We can’t make it happen here” is not the message I wanted.

1:00 – meeting starts back up. Labor through presentation – loop back on self – and jump around from one item to the next. Contend with 3 ladies who all tell stories to “top” each other about having to deal with the state inspector - which has next to little to do with our software. Cut them off several times. Have other customers give me "the look". Cannot interpret if this means, "Thank you for shutting them up" or "You're a rude bitch".

4:00 – wrap up meeting, pack up electronics, pay for room. Head to Wal-Mart to buy extension cord and power strip that are ALWAYS packed with my projector – but apparently were unpacked when projector went to Mississippi - for the national seminar.

4:30 – drive 220 miles to next town. Arrive at 8:00 pm. Check in – figure out how to get to restaurant – go eat and drink a beer.

9:30 – write up journal entry. Think about wrangling data some more – then decide bed is better option. Post to blog. Brush teeth, crawl into bed. Deal with data in the morning.

G’night all

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Joe said...

Clearly you need to drink more when you're out at these things. ;)