Friday, August 17, 2007

Dinner Tonight

It seems like forever since I've written about cooking. Although, I can assure you, I have been cooking right along when I've been home.

This week I made a Frozen Peanut Butter Pie because one of my co-workers is leaving.

The week before I went to Georgia, I made Balsamic-Plum Glazed Pork Chops and Almond Rice Pilaf. (My neighbor inherited the abundance of rice when I left in exchange for a ride to pick up the rental car)

A couple of weeks ago I made Cumin Crusted Pork Chops with Peach (Apricot) Salsa. It was so good and easy - I've made it twice this week.

Tonight I added Black Beans with Queso cotija (Named for the town of Cotija, Michoacan, where it originated, this is a sharp, crumbly goat cheese. It has been called "the Parmesan of Mexico" and is usually served over beans and salads) and Algerian Zucchini.

Here's the thing about cooking for me. Maybe it's because I'm anal (No! Really!), but you have to plan the whole meal so the flavors have a common touchstone - even if they're from different regions of the world. Tonights "touchstones" were cumin, onion, and peppers. The pork chops had cumin - the zucchini had cumin. The salsa (altered to use Nectarines (pronounced nec'trns by my Dad) with an addition of Serrano chiles and avocados) had the Serrano chiles, lemon, and white onion in it. The Zucchini had garlic, lemon, and cumin - and the Black Beans had onion, Serrano, and garlic. See how it all goes together?

So, yeah, still cooking - still wishing more neighbors would come by to join me for dinner (spur of the moment, you understand) - and still amazed at what comes out of my kitchen.

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tp said...

Looks absolutely yummy - you can come cook for us anytime !!!!