Friday, May 11, 2007

What are friends for?

Hey Ms. Esq, I am sorry to know that we won't be seeing you at book club, but totally understand the 'job getting in the way' thing too. I also believe you are new-ish to "Concentrated Area Relocated Yankees" (aka C.A.R.Y) - and looking to expand your social circle. I have a very dear friend who lives in C.A.R.Y. He's always looking for people to get together with .. as it seems we've all fallen into that age category where most of our friends are a.)Married with children b.)Involved with someone (and obviously NOT us!) c.)Far too busy for spur of the moment plans. Anyway, Dr.Whiney, my friend, is a great guy. (Dr.Whiney ... stop reading this part ... I don't want to boost your ego too much.) He is attractive (imho), smart (former lawyer, now an ER Doc), funny ('cause don't you have to be to deal with the madness of the ER?), well read, and has many interests. Like going to concerts, the symphony, hockey games, boating, and traveling. Oh and eating ... he's not much on cooking ... but he likes EATING. :) So - all of that to say ... Here, meet my friend Dr.Whiney! And if you're not interested in following up with this introduction, that is FINE (weep, Dr.Whiney, weep, for Ms. Esquire is brilliant) - but it seemed a shame that I knew you two were in the same vicinity and didn't bother to introduce you to each other. If you desire to make contact with him, you'll see his e-mail listed at the top of this ... as I wanted him to see how awkward and goofy my introduction was ... Hope you have a great weekend Ms. Esquire,

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TP said...

What are friends for ? YOU ARE GOD'S GIFT TO "GODZILLA GIRL" - a really horrible name for GOD'S GIFT TO YOU.! Here's your chance to expand yourself - good luck. TP