Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Goat and the Moat

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My "sign" is the Ram. It's a pretty accurate reflection of some of my best and worse personality traits.

Much like a mountain goat, I quickly leap from place to place, thought to thought, action to action. Generally, my footing is sure. I think, leap, land ... and THEN notice I've jumped over the moat! Or the precipice or to the next ledge.

This communication illustrates the very real Mitter Goat Jump.

Do you every play hooky?


Okay ... it looks like my original plan may not work ... but I'll let you know what's going on in my twisted little mind ... and you can share your thoughts.

I will be calling on customers in VA the week of 5/14 ... I'd hoped I could extend the trip over a weekend - either 5/12 & 13 or 5/19 and 20 ... BUT ... I am committed to something at church on either weekend. I THINK I could get out of the 5/13 obligation ... but am not sure. But it would be next to impossible to get out of 5/20 commitment. *stupid God* *stupid cooking for Confirmation Class*

I thought (silly me) VA and PA were "close" together. However my trusty Google map tells me from Emporia VA up to your neck of the woods is 6 hours *sigh* So I'm trying to figure out how I can make this work ... of course - this might come as a COMPLETE shock to you ... (sorry) and you may have no desire to meet up with the crazy Mit from OKC - and especially at my instigation... *sigh* I always get the idea, act on it ... THEN think about it and the ramifications ... and now I'm am talking myself out of this ... because it is crazy talk.

But ... if you haven't suddenly remembered you need to organize your socks or whatever .. .here are the possibilities:

List of options (1-3)

4. or I/we wait for a better opportunity.

Well - there you have it. Impulsive Mit at her best (or worst) ....


ps: you really can say "YOU ARE CRAZY", this will never work and you scare the shit out of me" and we can still be friends. :\

So now you know. I leaped, landed, looked back, got scared, and went on ahead anyway. Thankfully Blue did not go running off into the Ethernet. So on Friday after I wrap up a client meeting I’m heading to Chincoteague, VA on Assateague Island. (which is partly in Maryland and partly in Virginia.) Unfortunately I do have to be back in Raleigh for Sunday morning, so I will be leaving Saturday afternoon. But I am looking forward to this trip for numerous reasons.

  • I get to meet Blue
  • We're going to walk the island - and I get to watch him in action with his camera.
  • This island has been held my memory since I first read the story about "Misty of Chincoteague", and "Stormy, Misty's Foal" by Marguerite Henry. It is the story of the wild horses on the island and the annual Volunteer Fire Department roundup held each year where the swim the ponies across the Assateague Channel.

So there you have it.

Two goat leaps by Mit.

Now where's that bridge?

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