Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There are days

When being single fucking sucks. This would be one of them. I dropped my car off at the auto-mechanics yesterday - since I was going to be out of town all day today to have some standard (I hope) repair work done). My plan was to pick up MY car when I returned the rental car. Things that have gone wrong with the plan:
  1. No phone signal while in the "wilds" of southern Virginia
  2. Get signal - but loose signal before I can get transfered to the service dept.
  3. Find new signal - exit highway - place call - get voice mail
  4. Drive another 2 hours with no return call or signal
  5. Finish early with client - and as a "good" employee return to office.
  6. Plan to return rental car and pick up personal vehicle on way to office - try calling repair place again.
  7. Voice Mail
  8. Arrive at office - immediately get stuck trying to solve a data problem that makes me CRANKY
  9. Call again - VOICE MAIL again.
  10. Co-worker suggests "chilling-out" and wait until near the end of work to return rental car. I consider placing her in the deep-freeze and see who "chills-out" - but take her suggestion.
  11. Continue to be frustrated with data that isn't cooperative and deal with co-worker in Memphis who thinks, "I don't know" is code for "I'm being a bitch and I'm not going to tell you the answer to your question".
  12. 30 minutes before repair place closes call again - and get human. She explains their phone system has been down most of the day. She promises she'll get mechanic to call back.
  13. Mechanic calls. They haven't been able to look at my vehicle because they've been "backed-up".
So here's where it sucks. I can keep the rental vehicle - so I can get home and get back to work tomorrow - and PAY for the vehicle - OR - I can return rental car - and beg someone from work to take me home (no-one lives downtown) - and then work from home tomorrow (maybe) - and then figure out how to get MY car when it's fixed. Bahh - humbug.


Anonymous said...

Single? Hmmm!
Single malt?
Single handed?
Single action?
Single minded?
Single shot?
Kris Single?
Single Bells?
Single all the way?

Anonymous said...

1st Single sentence - offensive

Which would cost more:

Keep rental car or
Call a cab once tomorrow at end of day?

TP said...

Why on earth wouldn't anyone adore you ????? *O*