Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's a Miracle I did arrive home, as I did stray along the way

Chincoteague your rustic nature intrigue Your lovely isle did beguile With Blue by my side, we did abide The ocean we did stride

Sky so blue A lighthouse too Decoys to enjoy and A pirate ship for a boy

It’s amazing I made it home, As my mind did roam. From Chesapeake Bay I did head toward Richmond way

Tomatoes planted in rows How could I know? Potato plants in bloom I want to return soon

Because the words did play The turn at Rocky Mount did slide away, My mind was occupied, with the image of the tide Oh, it was an extra ride

Again with Blue A road trip I would do, I hope he feels the same way too!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful !!! TP

Anonymous said...

Did you play "Misty" for me?

Mit_Moi said...

No! But we did joke around about Wildfire! ps: did you see my comment a few lower? Or maybe it was another form of communication I sent to you?