Saturday, May 19, 2007

Chincateague I go

Crossing the bridge – that extends Land to land with bay between Malachite and turbulent tourmaline tossing waves Dash against bridge piers Diving, driving, 24 miles of span Dip down tunnel Tile and headlights Dip up tunnel Sky and clouds

Chincoteague is calling me ‘cross the Chesapeake Bay I wonder what lays across this bay

Bridge to island – island road north Signal, signal, for the phone, where are you? Passing NASSA – thinking of stars Thru the marsh and intercostal Palette of green reeds strung with birds Waving from the water as I draw near

Next approach the modified Woo-woo Bridge Stopped on the top to sit and stare Water everywhere

Settled in the room – with a slice of bay Salty airs my hair to play As I wait for as patiently as I may Knock on the door, smile on my face Quick hug and then the talk, The talk and talk, oh will I never stop?

Jump in the truck – explore we must Past the restaurant – and to Assateague The ponies we did see Feeding in the twilight at the sea

Back to change to make him smile Dinner – oysters on the half-shell Creamy crab soup Laphroaig for me Bouillabaisse bowl for Blue

More talk – remember to ask Thousands and thousands of questions Tumbling out of my mouth Just like the waves under the bridge The restaurant grows dark And we depart Our separate ways ‘till the morn

Lovely day – and here’s the sun Birds and ponies do call Later I’ll tell all!

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Anonymous said...

It's been YEARS since I've heard your beautiful poetry - you haven't lost your touch ! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story -sounds like you had a heavenly trip. TP