Wednesday, January 10, 2007

See? It's not just my hair!

The Red Aura You scored 53 Stubbornness, 30 Friendliness, 9 Dare-devil-ness, and 20 Sensitivity!
Physical, robust, rugged, fiery, powerful, strong-willed, lustful and sexual Action-oriented, live life in the here and now, independent (can sometimes be a loner) Bold, courageous, strong, self-confident and hard working No other color has as much physical stamina, power, and raw energy Ever ready to lend a helping hand to a friend in need Believe in what they can touch, see, taste, smell and hear Spiritual beliefs do not interest them in the slightest; life is biological not spiritual <--- EXCEIPT THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG Literal thinkers (not abstract, philosophical, or ethereal) The most realistic and practical workers of all the core colors They have intelligent hands and can fix just about anything that’s broken Don’t like to express feelings, sensitivity, or deal with other people’s emotional problems < -- eh, maybe not THIS cold ... but still. Prefer jobs or occupations that require physical work; love being outdoors <-- as long as the mosquitoes are SOMEWHERE ELSE! (and the spiders - and snakes - and GIANT ROACHES *shudder*) Like seeing the immediate, tangible results of their work While other colors are assessing and analyzing, Reds are busy doing; nonpareil in emergencies When uncentered, they can withdraw emotionally while lashing out physically <-- very little physical lashing by me ... VERBALLY LOOK OUT Physically, you're pretty safe! Have excellent self-protective instincts Centered Reds are honest, hard working, loyal, trustworthy and have a lust for life Uncentered Reds can be sharp-tongued, short-tempered and physically violent < -- Guilty of 2 out of 3 Determined, persistent, never give up (can be stubborn) *understatement of the year* Brutally frank and honest with their point of view (can be close-minded)< -- pretty open minded, but definitely a "Sledge-hammer diplomat". Gee DAD, I wonder who I got that from? Enjoy passionate and lustful sex; it’s often no more than an expression of pure physical pleasure Learning must be applicable and produce concrete results <-- as if every school transcript doesn't bear this out! Check out a more complex Aura test at:

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone else I know! If I didn't know better, would think you two were twins!
Mother of another red-head up in the trees in N.C.