Friday, March 31, 2006

Not the Freindly Skys

Have I told you how much I LOATH US-Less Air recently?I just went on-line to confirm my flights - and looked at a screen that listed my flight number LEAVING CHARLOTTE at 2:20 THIS AFTERNOON, and then GOING from AUGUSTA to CHARLOTTE at 3:45 pm.To say I FREAKED OUT is a bit of an UNDERSTATEMENT!  I felt my stomach drop to my feet as I thought I had MIS-BOOKED my ticket as from CHARLOTTE TO HERE, and then AUGUSTA to CHARLOTTE!  OMG – which would be TOTALLY BACKWARDS.But after I pulled my itinerary up on LUCID Ex&pedia, and confirmed my flight numbers, I realize that since US-LESS Air doesn't ask for your name when it confirms flights, they show ALL THE SEGMENTS with the flight number, IN THE ORDER OF TIME THEY FLY, not in the order YOU BOOKED YOUR FLIGHT.  Which would also explain why it looks like I booked Miami to Charlotte for the second half of my flight NOT CHARLOTTE to home.I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming,

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OrioleGal9 said...

USAirways is a great airline. I've flown them all my life and have never had a problem.