Friday, April 27, 2012


It's Friday night here ... and late morning coffee time Sat. there ... in Oz.

For a very nice change, I am home tonight. It's not often I feel like this on Fri nights. I am such a hermit on Sat & Sun .. (okay - maybe more of a sloth) ... but anyway ... lots of drama around my typical "Friday night date night w/Chef Mit" gig (that I have done for the last 1 1/2 years. which has ended those events in the near term) ... but I can't tell you what a relief it was to know I could get my work done (at my real work) at whatever time I wanted, tonight it was (6:45pm) ... and although I had to stop @ the grocery store before coming home .... there weren't (2-10) people waiting for me to get from office/to grocery store/to (chosen) residence/to make dinner ... and wondering how long it would take me to put something together.   

And it's NOT that I don't love cooking for people ... and entertaining them. But honestly ... if you're going to host me (and other people, or even JUST ME) .... and I'm going to cook ... and I typically work 45-50 hours a week (oh, wait ... that sounds like not that much) ... I think MAYBE you could go to the grocery store .. (hmm never-mind this story, lots of drama about people you don't know).

Anyway ... only cooking for myself to night ... so the only criteria is that *I* like it ... and I am more forgiving of my meals with just me eating them, than when anyone else is joining me (I know you are not surprised) ... and tonight is very pleasant.

So .. I'm trying to think of the last thing I told you.... and where I need to pick up in my narrative. Well there's a lot that will just remain in the past ... but I did get a new job/promotion!!!

... and I'm ASSUMING the new (salaried) position will be MORE lucrative (really - the only way to get a serious raise is to change companies, isn't it?), and a better fit - with more mental challenges and opportunities to affect/effect change. (although this end of technology certainly doesn't have the patina of history that cotton does/did.)

However ... on almost a daily basis I am gleeful that I won't be having to do "x" anymore (...clock in/out, clock time against a project budget (that's unrealistic), deal with a 1,000 program bugs (that bleed you dry like death via 1,000 paper cuts), hold generic webinars (that don't match anyone's workflow), deal w/customers every day that feel like they've bought a pig in a poke), sit back and deal with something (designed by someone with no insight) that doesn't work) ... and I can actually write processes that are DETAILED ... and avoid PITFALLS ... and help create new programs that avoid PREVIOUS mistakes (of course ... there'll still be things we don't think of, won't there ?.... and things that don't work the way they need to... and mistakes *sigh*) ... and ALL WILL BE ORDERLY (shut up, this is MY dream) in the Land of Implementation. 

Tomorrow night - I am going to see Sugarland  (I assume you are familiar) ... and on then on May 13th I fly to Cali ...!!! to attend my first Innovation Catalyst Forum (just think "JAMES BOND, AGENT of "School of Change!) ... and see a childhood friend (known him since I was 2 yrs old ... HOLY CRAP, WE SAW THE EARTH COOL!!!) ... and be in "my" city ... 

So ... hopefully the tide is turning. (Please dear God ... let the tide turn). 

A single income household REALLY sucks. $1,800 for the new hot water heater, another $1-1500 for some home maintenance shit, $800/for tires (looming), plus my 2006 computer took a dump ... and I am (horribly irresponsible and really want to buy a more expensive Apple product) so $1200 there ... and then vacation time (tacked onto the end of a business trip) to Cali ... and knowing my Dad's 81st b'day is in July ... plus my (cough/cough) XXX class reunion - so (maybe) another trip home .... and it could REALLY deplete the old "carefully saved" savings account ... that keeps the wolf at bay and allows me to sleep at night. (ok - well, sleep for 3 hour stretches.) 

so - this is me circa 2012.  


mamie said...

I hope to see your posts more regularly on my Google Reader line-up! <3

Joseph H. Vilas said...

Damn, Mitter, you sound like me. ;)

saturday's child said...

Where are you? Are you still in Cali now?