Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Steps

It's been a while. At the moment I am procrastinating. So I thought I'd include you. This is a weekly meme. "You say, I think."
  1. Girlfriend :: too much effort
  2. Crushed :: ice
  3. Source :: of frustration
  4. Corner :: market
  5. Gossip :: girl
  6. Encounter :: of the 3rd Kind
  7. Make an offer :: Have it refused
  8. Stylish :: Audry Hepburn
  9. Profit :: Loss
  10. Waste :: water


Woodstock said...

Nice meme. Very nice. I have always wondered, though, what the encounters of the 1st and 2nd kind were. ;)

Ally said...

Welcome back!!


Anonymous said...

Did you expect all of us to join your pitty party ??? You might be some of those things, but nobody is all of those things ! Read your evaluation !!!!!!