Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Getting ahead

Well, I WANTED to be here at work at 7:30 am yesterday morning. Instead I was here about 7:50. Need to do a little work on that.

Good weekend. I went with two friends down to IKEA in Charlotte.

This is what I bought for my office.

This is for my desk or my credenza

This is it's big brother for my floor

These will go on my desk to hold things like rubber bands ..

STRIKT 4-piece desk set
And finally three small votive holders in this same color.

(and then I got some hot-pads for my kitchen, some napkins, and tea light candles for the house.)

I love the soft light that now illuminates my office! Woo-hoo. I should have art work arriving this week too. When I get it, I will show you individual pieces.

Now I'm off to setup my quick ribbons for Word and Excel.

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Anonymous said...

Love your purchases !!! tp