Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Food of the ...


I'm sure the quote is supposed to be food of the God's ... but instead we had a terrific baker among us last night.

There was "Let it Snow" coconut cake, Holiday Cheer & Sweet Potato Cake, Whoopie New Year Sandwiches, Cheery & Chocolate Cake, Family is Fruitcake ... and some "Snappy Reply" cookies.

Not only was the food good - but the writing was great! It ran the gamut from hysterically funny - to thoughtful introspection of the holidays and the passage of time.

This morning I was able to treat Gina to a breakfast tortilla of mushrooms, bell peppers, green onions, grape tomatoes, diced bacon, Parmesan Cheese & cheddar cheese.  On the side were homemade biscuits and link sausage. We've enjoyed our time of girl-talk - and now she's getting ready to go out into that scary holiday crowd and undertake her Christmas shopping.

I still have some cleaning and packing to do - and then riding on last nights inspiration, I'm going to BIC (butt in chair), turn off the internet (oh nose!) and write.

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mamie said...

It was a blast. Read more about our fun night here!! I'm still eating....