Monday, November 09, 2009

Fascinating Rhythm

I haven't written - and somehow NABLOPOMO managed to sneak up on me - and I've let it go by. This is the first time in 4 years I haven't participated.

Perhaps I've reached the perfect amount of busy. I know there's a sweet spot rhythm for me. Busy enough that I can't procrastinate - but not too busy so I'm overwhelmed.

Last week - it felt like I was there (and this week too).  

Both Monday's started with the JobSeeker's group. Last week I spent some time with one of the directors explaining to her how webinars work. After - I grabbed some lunch with Beth - dropped off a Tupperware container - and came home and finalized my grocery list for the morning.

Then I went out. Kinda (unbeknown to me) on a date.

Tuesday - Beth and I were at Sam's Club bright and early. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all of Beth's help and company. Shopping for 150-200 people is a two cart experience - and there's no way I could do it by myself - without knocking over displays, running over people, and bursting into tears.

We had all the stuff purchased - and unloaded at the church by 11 am. Three hours of shopping/loading/unloading/re-arranging freezers/refrigerators.

Then I came home and took care of ... "stuff". Expense reports, budgets, correspondence. At 2 pm I went back and started the prep work. I had to stop for a meeting for an hour between 6:30 and 7:30 pm - which really kind of ruined my kitchen rhythm - and of course - the back started to rebel about 10pm - which forced me to clean up and come home even though my "to-do" list wasn't done.

Yesterday - in the morning ... I uhhh - did stuff around the house. Folded all my laundry from last week - took the TWENTY-SIX BAGS OF LEAVES to the curb - and I don't know what all until 11:30. When I went to the store to buy MORE BANANAS for the banana bread. (Some of the frozen 'nanners got thrown away that I had defrosting. Important lesson to learn - put notes on things).

I was back at church by noon - I made two more double recipes of the banana bread 8 loaves, caramelized onions for the garnishment, and then started directing the volunteers who showed up to help. I felt bad. I'd expected to get all the salad bar prep (slicing cucumbers, bell-peppers, mushrooms, etc.) out of the way Tuesday night. And then - I thought I was going to have help earlier on Wed - and they'd finish off the dessert so I could concentrate on the salad prep - but - nope. 

At 4 pm I was pretty stressed and feeling like I was an hour behind. But all these lovely people (sent by God I am sure) just showed up - and allowed me to bark orders at them - and we got it done!

Salad bar (with 20 different items) was ready to go by 5pm. Warming table with roasted broccoli, peas, pasta dish, and rolls were ready to go at 5:30 pm. They didn't start the blessing 'till 5:45 - and people didn't actually start through the line until 6-6:10pm-ish.

I got lots of compliments on the pasta - and was glad to hear them as it was kind of "California" cooking and NOT Southern cooking. In honor of missing multiple Food Wednesdays, here's the recipe. Of course, I modified it slightly. I used some arugula instead of basil with the spinach - and I mixed both greens into the pasta. (Until it wilted down, it looked more like a spinach salad with pasta). I cooked off chicken breasts and diced them instead of rotisserie chicken and omitted the marjoram.  

Last Thursday - I had another meeting with the webinar client - and finished laundry (cooks white soak forever to get clean), washed my breakfast dishes, and started to clean out my filing cabinet with the 2007/8 stuff (yes, I know) and get it up into the attic so I can file my 2009 stuff.  (which I finally COMPLETED today. *sigh*)

This week - well - I am giving the date thing a second chance tonight. I won't say a lot - just that I feel like I'm stuck in this slow motion movie - and everyone is moving faster - and I don't want to catch up to them. I'm kind of angry with myself for giving this a second chance - and not being clear on the first encounter - and know I need to set the record straight tonight. However, "Welcome to my home for dinner - here's the rules" sounds a bit "sledge-hammer like" (and we know that's exactly how I am) ... and well - I don't want to ruin the food. Maybe over dessert?

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