Friday, September 11, 2009

Eumir Deodato Almeida - Also Sprach Zarathustra

Recognize the song title? I bet you don't. Yet if you click onto this link I bet you will know the song within two notes at second 26.

The original was by Strauss. This version by Deodato brings a very Latin Jazz beat to the piece, which is no surprise since Deodato is a Brazilian musician, arranger and composer.

I know many of you (or at least two of you) are science fiction fans. So this movie has a lot of meaning/context for you. Me - not so much. The only thing I know about the movie is this song and the Urban Legend surrounding HAL's name. Many believe it came into being by a one letter shift from IBM. But Kubric and Arthur C. Clarke say this isn't true. However, this device is exactly how I derived my blog's name.

Anyway - I feel like I'm on this big Odyssey. And I feel kind of lost in space - and I want to KNOW ALL THE ANSWER RIGHT NOW - and how it all works - and what I'm supposed to do.

Of course - this has been a constant component in my Christian walk. I rarely feel like I know what I should be doing, what my call is, and if I'm doing it right or not. And discerning God's voice is just pretty darn difficult. I really think it sucks that God got out of the burning bush business. (Although - I guess out west in wildfire land, they are pretty happy that He did - and it would be even more barren if God continued to employ that communication system.)

So - I have had several thoughtful comments from a few close advisers who know the full extent of Opportunities 1-4. I am feeling slightly irritated right now because they have brought up some wise thoughts for consideration - and I really don't want to have to deal with those issues. I just want it all to be easy peasy and be able to do the first thing that comes along because it is all "perfect" and the universe (ie: God) is being extraordinarily kind to me. Of course - this is not realistic.

In other news, I still hate driving in North Carolina. I've never been to UNC Chapel Hill before - but you know. Maps - and directions - and what can go wrong, right? Thankfully I left plenty early. I think it should be AGAINST THE LAW to allow streets to have MORE THAN ONE NAME. One name the WHOLE TIME - FOREVER AND EVER AMEN - UNTIL YOU COME TO A DEAD END. (heh - that rhymes). And maps should never be able to leave off "the unimportant bits" like surrounding streets/buildings so that unless you are exactly where you're supposed to be - you don't have any other physical features to guide you back to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE. (which by the time I finally FOUND the parking garage the place I wanted to be was decidedly not in a lecture hall - but in a bar somewhere drinking heavily on SOMEONE ELSE'S dime.)

The speeches by Kathy Reichs, creator of "Temperance "Tempe" Brennan" and producer on the TV show "Bones" which is inspired by her life and writing, and John Grisham (no links or explanations needed) were great.

However - once again - I failed to check (or turn off) my "oddball" magnet before I left home - and it was clearly ON - and allowing them to enter into my orbit. I know that when you arrive early for things you'll often encounter fanatical fans. And the truly clueless. I try to keep my distance. REALLY I DO. I guess the "best part" of last night (if you like irony) is even before I parked and picked up my tickets from Will Call window - I'd already spotted one of them on the steps of Memorial Auditorium and made a mental note to avoid all eye contact with this person.

Waiting in line to enter the lobby of the auditorium I picked out three others. My whole goal for the evening (besides getting a good seat) became NOT SITTING NEAR THEM - nor making conversation with them. I was working on my "I love" list and feeling rather proud of myself for avoiding conversation (because unfortunately, I am a COMMENTER whether I'm invited to participate or not) ... only to sit down in the auditorium (while the 4 odd balls were still swarming all over the place to find THE BEST BEST SEAT EVER THAT WAS NOT RESERVED) ... and have them decide I have exquisite taste. *sigh* All four. Two to my left - two in front.

Of course - the cap of the evening came at the end - when the floor was opened up for questions. One of the four sprang from his seat and approached the microphone while the rest of the crowd was wondering if they really wanted to ask such august personages a question.

His question? "Mr. Grisham - I have a draft of my novel that I'm working on - and I really think it's done - and I was wondering - if because I admire you so much - and I am such a big fan of yours - and you know what it's like to start out - if you'd read it and then represent it - or find an agent for it?"

I'm sure it's the nightmare question of all authors/publishers/agents 'round the world. The auditorium held its collective breath. Mr. Grisham was very forthright and honest - and yet nice. He told the young man that until the novel was completely done and perfect, he was putting the cart before the horse. Finish the novel, make it perfect - start on the next one - and then look for representation. Wise advice.

Today there is of course a huge "to-do" list staring me in the face. I want to get a good way through it since I'm going to play at the Literary Festival all day Saturday and Sunday. Lots to get done before class on Monday - response to Opportunity #4 on Tuesday - and proposal submission for Opportunities #-1-3 on Thursday.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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