Monday, September 28, 2009

The Clayton Brothers - On the Trail

As you can see by the list below, I am "On the Trail" today.

I left the house early and attended a church based job search group that meets at 8:30 am every Monday. Last night I was trying to convince myself to get up extra early and walk first - but it is really DARK at 5:30 am - and so now I have told myself it's okay to wait and walk when I get home tonight. Of course, if I'd REALLY wanted to work out I could have gone back to my 4:40 am routine and gone down to the Y. *sigh*

There are two different "mega churches" in Cary that host job seeking groups. This one has a networking time, small group breakout sections, and then a guest speaker every Monday. It goes 'till 11 am - which sounds like a long time - and a loss of good productive hours. BUT networking and accountability are key for me, so off I go. 

I am keeping in the back of my mind that I only need check each one out (this one today, the other meets on Thursdays) and then decide how this fits into my overall plans.

After, I have 101 errands to run  (turn in cable box, deposit severance pay, and writing class) and I can do them all on that side of town. So I've decided to spend the day out. After I get the errands done - and spend money on lunch (not something I'm looking forward too) I'll go to the library on that side of town and use their wireless until my class starts. That way I don't have to drive across town twice in one day - and waste gas.

And before you go commenting on how "busy" I seem - and how "great" I am doing, let me assure you - Friday and Saturday were two huge days of procrastination (lots and lots of reading) and feeling sorry for myself. Well, not really feeling sorry - but just kind of "How do I tackle the next step?" and the only things on my "to do" list were icky. (Housework, yard work and errands). Plus it was rainy and gray outside.

But yesterday - I left for church in the rain - and by the end of the second service - it was a beautiful fall day! Metaphorically too. We had a guest speaker at church - and his message was good for me to hear. He is the president of the "Scripture Union" (which kind of makes me giggle) - and they are the group behind "The Essential Jesus" and the "Essential 100 or e100" challenge.  His topic was "Meeting with Jesus Daily". He had some great scriptures out of the Psalms that talk about refreshing our relationship with God - and some basic steps to accomplish this goal.

In "Big People's" church, his scripture was based on 2 Chronicles 34:14-21 and 29-32 .... which just happen to be about King Josiah! It just seemed like there was so much great stuff being shoved in my direction - about my spiritual walk - AND MY STORY. 

So - with all of that, my spirit was truly refreshed. Plus I had an eMail from someone who hasn't been very accessible - and just a few words really made all the difference.

Let's hope all of us have a busy and productive week!

ps: Here's something more about the Clayton Brothers

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