Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mark Murphy - Sconsolato

Sorry - this week has been really hectic - it should be better today and tomorrow. I don't think there'll be a post on Friday - as we'll be holding a North Carolina seminar for work.

Hmmm – he really sounds like Frank, doesn’t he? I really like the Bosa Nova feel in the first piece.

Not much to report today. Picked up our CSA veggies last night. Peppers, egg plant, and the smallest cucumber I’ve ever seen. Came home – opened up a VERY nice bottle of Merlot. It was from Bidoli and retails for $9.99 a bottle. A long time ago I liked Merlots – then they became overworked (and over planted). But this is what I remember my first Merlot’s tasting like back in the early 90s. Round/Smooth/Deep/Fruit. I’m going to enjoy it.

My evening was simple – I did some reading – and then trundled off to bed. Only to toss and turn. At 2:30 I gave up and turned on the light. I’ve been reading a book I won - Everyone She Loved – by Sheila Curran. Finally I told myself to put it down and turn out the light. At 4:45 am. Which seems kind of pointless to try and get any sleep at that point – and most of it was just tossing and turning.

I dropped my car off to have the rear tires balanced. The slight vibration and tire noise I’d been hearing since July became very noticeable after I had new front brakes put on last week. Let’s hope this appeases the auto-god.

More webinars to push today. I think I’m going to make chicken curry for dinner tonight.

Of course, it’s Food Wednesday. I didn’t find anything inspirational in the paper this morning – but I read this food post last night – and I think it works for inspiration. I’m making this Garbanzo Bean Salad with red curry and tomatoes on Saturday.

Happy Eating everyone!


Christopher Paquette said...

check out the New York Times.... Smoked Fish from the NP of Michigan... got me totally inspired this morning to get out the smoker and make some!

G Liz said...

I know you are a busy lady! But whenever you get a chance, will you give me a call???