Friday, August 14, 2009

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Too Hot

Actually it’s cooler today than it was Monday or Tuesday, but this is a nice mellow song. Dr. Smith is well known here in the triangle and an amazing Hammond B-3 player. His funniest song is “Your Mama’s Got a Complex”. Although this album was produced and released in 2005, I think it has a complete 70s sound to it. Is it just that ANYTHING with a B-3 reminds me of Steve Winwood and my first encounters with the B-3? Or does all Soul/Funk have that vibe? You tell me.

Amazingly enough, class went well last night. Seems I did successfully weave some sourdough imagery into the piece. For some reason they really liked these two little sections,

“No – guess you’ll be staying in San Francisco for a while,” said Victor.

I hated the city and couldn't think of any quicker way to ruin the coming fall and winter. “Why don’t they talk to you? You’re the managing partner of the Bloomfield."

“I’m not the water expert, you are.”

"I’m not going to San Francisco – too many people down there.”

I picked up the papers and stacked them in neat bundles, I like to keep my work area clean of flour and other messes. I held them out to Victor. “They should find Colonel Mendel with the Corp of Engineers."

***and this bit too ***

“I've been in the Stewart, Bingham, and Herrin law offices for two weeks now. Seems every time I stretched a leg or moved my elbow I knock a pile of papers off a table or chair. Each day I feel bigger and the offices smaller, I'm afraid if I don't get enough room, I'll bubble over and make this a bigger mess. I hate it when I misjudge my starter and feed it too much. It overruns the holding bowl and puddles on the drain board. Then it dries like plaster and I have to chip away at it to clean up the mess. It's a slow process. I wish I could starve this inquiry of information.

Today Michael Bingham starts right in adding more flour to my already actively brewing starter. “Now Josiah, let’s go back over the brush dams. We need you to be very clear on how much debris they catch.”

***leaving the story behind***

This after noon I’ll go to Chapel Hill and pick up my August wine case. Somehow I managed to miss the notice of the July case. I’m convinced that this $100 expenditure really saves me money – as I’m not stopping by the grocery store to ‘just pick up a bottle of wine’ …. and then adding another five things to the cart. Not to mention the fact that sometimes I throw my budget to the wind and buy outside the price range I’ve established.

Hopefully I’ll get far in the recording today on the Multi-module webinar. If I can get it mostly done, then I just have the last one to worry about – and it won’t air until August 31st. So I should be ok. Monday begins the two week airing of “live” sessions. There will be two shown on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and two on the following Monday and Wednesday – then we drop down to the last two sessions on the 31st. I can’t wait to finish this up – but not too anxious to start doing phone support again.

This weekend – I dunno. A little cleaning, cooking for dinner group – and getting ready for class which will now meet on Monday nights.

Hope you have something enjoyable lined up – unless you are Ken, stuck in Iraq where there’s no weekend. An then I’ll just point out it’s two more days crossed off the “days left ‘till you come home” calendar.

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