Thursday, June 18, 2009

Compilation of Days Gone By ...

So – at five o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, I wrote to a friend that I heard rain when I got out of the shower. Although it took me a while to place the sound. I mean, water sounds like water, right? And I'd just turned off the water. It wasn’t until I opened the bathroom window that I realized it wasn’t a “drizzle” happening out there either.

I awoke early so I could do some writing. In the midst of creativity – the music was interrupted with an Emergency Broadcast announcement … about flash flooding.

Of course, I ignored this … because *I know about flash floods*. And they only happen in the dessert, the mountains, and Los Angeles. A-hem.

I had a guest post on the blog that day (and you should go read it if you haven't already). So I was more focused on getting that formatted and plastering it all over the various places I write; which might explain why I continued my unconcerned attitude as new Emergency Announcements were made.

At seven o’clock, when it was time to get dressed for work, I was irritated because it was SO DARK and I had to turn on lights in my bedroom to see if my clothes matched.

Then the rain REALLY STARTED falling … and I thought, “Gee – I hope it lets up because I don’t want to deal with this.” "This" equaling raindrops.

It wasn’t until I opened the front door that I saw it was more than just “raindrops”.

If it weren’t so dark – you could see … hmm. That doesn’t look like a street!

Oh! Hey … errr – hrm.

I guess there ARE flash floods in other places. Thankfully I have 4x4 drive and I wasn’t one of those idiots that thinks, “my car won’t get stuck”.

I am now checking into Federal Flood insurance. (although my place is fine).

I'd also like to know if there is any place you can live that doesn’t have Creepy Crawlies? If so, I’d like to live there.

It appears that Rodanthy is (unfortunately) alive and well. I’ve seen his calling cards on the floor – and there was shredded paper towel under the kitchen sink. Plus a pungent odor. I’ve been hoping the odor was my imagination – but not so much. It’s a sharp smell – more like pee than death. I’ll have to clean out from under there this weekend.

Of course – that is just a short term fix. Thankfully my out-of-state-handyman will be here soon – and he will provide extermination services. He asked what kind of burial I wanted … cremation, Viking, or planting. I told him I wanted an “out of my sight” service – followed by a lively wake when I get home from work.

Here’s info about Bob Florence, if you care (The Creepy Crawlies is his tune). His biggest claim to fame was as musical director for Vikki Carr and Julie Andrews.

Last night Simon Van Booy was at Quail Ridge. He’s getting all kinds of accolades for this collection of short stories, “Love Begins in Winter.” His first book was “The Secret Lives of People in Love”. I got my homework done (enough) so I went to listened to him. He was fun and witty and all together too gifted. I'm glad I was around to get recharged.

Of course, it was another gray, drizzly day here Wednesday. I tried telling myself the “bright side” is that I don’t live in the UK or Seattle where this is par for the course. It's not making it much better. But since yesterday was Food Wednesday my mood was slightly improved. Did you go read your favorite restaurant reviewers, food blogs, or recipe magazines? I did. It's one of the highlights of my week - now that I don't have "cleaning-lady-was-here" day to look forward to each week.

The song that seems to sum up today is Joe Henderson's "Mode for Joe". There’s so many places that title can go. Pie a la Mode for Joe – Mode For Joe Making Coffee …

Joe Henderson is sometimes referred to as a Coltrane clone. I think he’s got his own style – and like the swing in this piece. Of course – it’s got all my favorites. Bass, Tenor Sax, and Vibes. Lots of luminaries too – Ron Carter (bass), Bobby Hutcherson (vibes) and Lee Morgan (trumpet). If you want to hear an interview with him … this is kind of fun.

You know – I’ve never really been in North Carolina in June. I don’t really care if I’m here for an extended period of time ever again – because EVERY DAY I’ll just be writing "… it rained again in the night". Or, "it’s raining now". Or, "it rained on my way home from work."

The other thing “Mode for Joe” reminds me of … is the stupid voice overs I’m having to do. *Big sigh* I recorded one whole learning segment before we got the “real” microphone. So I used the one imbedded in my laptop. The quality? She is not so bueno.

The segment is only 22 minutes long – but it took me 7 hours yesterday to re-record six and a half minutes. Because all the visual is good, I just have to listen to each phrase, splice out the phrase, re-record the phrase (so it fits in with the visual) and then re-insert it into production.

I really think drinking would make all of this better.

I also hope my friend Ken got on the airplane out if Iraq last night and is on his way home. He has two-weeks here – before he returns. Then – just a short countdown to September when his tour of duty is over.

*** update, he didn't make it. Seems instead of rain - they're having those wonderfully dramatic dust storms. I'm sure he's happier to be grounded - than being tossed around in a plane. At this rate, he'll be here for Father's Day AND 4th of July.

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mamie said...

Safe travels for your friend. I want them all home.

Thanks for coming last night. He was the cutest! And most brilliant! And had the best accent! Can you tell I'm a fan?!?!?