Sunday, April 12, 2009


So - I was telling my brother that "we" have a tradition here in the south of "flowering the cross" for Easter.

I TOTALLY was going to go by the church and take a picture ... but my Leek and Gruyere Bread Pudding for Easter Lunch was running behind schedule ... and so - I just took these pictures of my yard.

Actually, I kind of lied to 2Tall - 'cause I told him I didn't take any flowers to church ... 'cause I don't water my yard (this part is true) and everything is dead (this is the lie) ...

Because seriously, FORTY-TWO inches of rain a year WHEN THEY HAVE A DROUGHT!!! How the hell could things die??

Okay - well - so I didn't take any pictures of the grass, because apparently THAT needs rain at specific times, and the weather hasn't cooperated ... SO IT'S NOT MY FAULT. Because once again ... IN A DROUGHT YEAR ... they get forty-two inches of rain.

Now MAYBE if you're from this part of the country you're not quite understanding the significance ... but where *I* came from ... in the Arizona desert ... EIGHT INCHES OF RAIN ... a year.

And you get 3 of it all in one day when a big monsoon comes in.

And in the California Sacramento Valley - you are INUNDATED with a whopping twelve to sixteen inches of rain a year.

So when I moved out here - and found out THIS could happen without water?

Yep - pretty much never, ever, worrying about watering again.

ps: My niece and I share a birthday today ... so I'm sending out a b'day greeting to HippoGurl! :)

I have no idea where she gets her amazing good looks from ... but I think her sense of humor can be traced back this way.


mamie said...

I totally meant to send you a birthday card - Gina too - and just forgot. No excuse. I hope it was a wonderful day. Let's get together and celebrate - I'll drive :) !!

Christopher Paquette said...

damn damn damn..... Happy belated Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got a camera !!! Your yard is beautiful - hope you are enjoying it. What a cute pic of Hippogurl ! tp

Elisa said...

I didn't know it was your birthday -- a belated happy one from me!!! :)

Mental P Mama said...

She is a beauty! Happy belated birthday to you both! And enjoy your beautiful blooms. Ours haven't even started yet. *sigh*