Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tagged (Sixteen Random Things)

I've been sucked into doing a meme. This is me being a good sport.

The rules beeee that you must pick 16 people to tag after YOU are tagged. You CAN choose to re-tag the person who tagged you but c'mon, who can think of 16 MORE randomthings about themselves? (I'm not tagging anyone - if you want to do this great, if not, I TOTALLY understand).

Setting up IM WITH VIDEO for the company makes me grumpy. I am keeping it turned off.

I cannot wait for my personal "home improvement guy" to show up on Saturday!

I want to write a long rant on giving/receiving gifts ... but won't.

I just got accepted at Duke University for two writing Short Courses. One on Character Development and the other on the Anatomy of a Plot!

The instructor is okay with the time I'll be out of class, since I will be doing research for the story.

I have company coming tonight - I hope they don't notice my bed isn't made, the guest bed is covered up with boxes, and all the rooms aren't dusted.

I've gone back to working out.

Today I had a pastrami sandwich for work. I <3 pastrami - but the sandwiches rarely meet my expectations. This one wasn't bad.

They're reporting the high on Friday will be 29. The low 14. I LIVE IN THE SOUTH ... WHERE IS MY TEMPERATE CLIMATE???

My car has not been washed since .... July? August? I really need to get this done.

I've had 100 channels of TV for two weeks now. I've turned my TV on three times, and watched two channels. I'm thinking it wouldn't matter HOW MANY CHANNELS there were - I'd think 99.9% of the shows were stupid.

I am trying to test this stupid video thing. The person on the other end IS BEING A BUTTHEAD.

I've been working with a customer for THREE DAYS NOW for him to receive a data file. He keeps saying "I'm not getting anything" ... yet he had the SAME FILE three times. *sigh*

I wish I were drinking some Scotch, RIGHT NOW.

It's nice carpooling with Hot Sauce again.

I hate memes.

I don't think these were the sorts of random things I was supposed to tell you.


Allie said...


Yikes...IM's with video feed. Not a good idea for anyone.

Breathe Mit...all will be okay.


Anonymous said...

You certainly do have a plateful of nene's. Mine are: Get the back bedroom straightened up for company next Thursday *O*; get all paperwork done before same date;everything takes five times konger with one finger immobilized, so to speak *~*; and next week sems to be rapidly, too rapidly, filling up !!!! tp