Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunshine but Frost

So – we found the expensive camera that “Mom put away” *ahem, looks at Dad*. It was UNDER Dad’s LazyBoy Chair … I guess the chair and the 12th Dimension are closely related. The chair must have gotten hungry (or tired of the endless picture taking) and decided to EAT THE CAMERA. Anyway … YAY!!! Camera is found.

The new computer is up and running. I’m not so sure if Mom and Dad are up and running or up and cursing (‘cause everything is “different”) … but … yay! New computer and it’s fast and doesn’t take 30 minutes to move from one thing to another. (srsly – no lie on the time thing … I WATCHED THE CLOCK).

Look ... the Mitter family ... all ... smiling (?)

Yesterday morning I went to church at the church I grew up in … but not in the BUILDING I grew up in. They were just starting the building project when I moved away. I thought it looked ugly and un-church-like back then … AND MY OPINION HASN’T CHANGES. *sigh*

After church I returned the “baby car” to the Royal Sidness and jumped in her pickup. We took a leisurely drive up to Williams where we stopped at Granzella’s and picked up some sourdough, muffaletta spread, and dried Italian olives for nibbles and our friend “Booty”. As we crossed the coast range … there was a little bit of a rain shower. The house and the traveling companions are delightful.

When I got up this morning … I was excited to see the sun … BUT CAN YOU SEE THE FROST ON THE GRILL?? It was 35 degrees here!!!

Speaking of grills – tonight when we get home from our tour we’ll be having mesquite grilled pork chops, apple sauce, coleslaw, and fennel and sausage ziti pasta. Hopefully with some amazing wines from the tastings.

Now … I better get into that shower and get ready to leave – or else my traveling mates may not be so enchanted with me.


I H8 24 said...

Great picture of the Mitter Family!!

G Liz said...

I absolutely love the picture of your family. And YOU look fantastic. I love that short hair!!! :-)

bernthis said...

mesquite grilled anything is right up my alley. The hardest thing about reading some of these blogs is that I get hungry.

Anonymous said...

Desperate to hear anything from you, ANYTHING! I saw inter-Mit-ently and hummmmmm. It is you, but LAST year. Where R U and ? R U doing? Write something!
<3 M.O.T.O.R.

Michele said...

Great picture of the family. It is cold in Phoenix this week also.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Ironing a bra, who knew? LOL