Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Substitutions and Detours

Substitutions and Detours

The IH824 Family ended up leaving today instead of tomorrow. Something about missing a dog (I don’t get it), inviting a friend down for a hunt on New Year’s Eve (really – who does that?), and wanting to spend just a little more time with the twins. (totally understandable)

So today I was a big fat lazy toad. I read, I napped, I wrote a little bit. I drove to Joe Patti’s and picked up some fish to take home and stuff to make dinner.

I went to the other end of the island – where it was rumored there was a hand wash car wash. It wasn’t, so I came home.

I made Coriander Orange Shrimp for an appetizer and enjoyed it with a glass of wine and my last spectacular beach sunset.

Then I made dinner.

Fish Moolie (but different)
Side: Basmati rice
Veggie: Bok Choy with Lime Dressing

I must have been distracted when I made my grocery list. I thought we had a lime left here, but we didn’t. So I substituted lemon grass paste where ever that was called – or a glug of wine. I also didn’t by ginger, unsweetened coconut to roast for the moolie paste, or soy sauce. Still – it all turned out well – and I did a great job of cutting all the sizes down to one serving so I didn’t have any leftovers to throw away.

Tomorrow I will be on the road early-ish. But I don’t have to make the complete twelve hour drive. Instead I am making a detour and stopping in Atlanta to see my friend Elisa! I am so excited she made it back from Rochester and we have this change to spend time (and New Year’s Eve) together.

She has kindly offered her guest room, so I will be staying at Chez Shimmy then continuing on home on Thursday!

Substitutions and Detour really CAN work well.


I H8 24 said...

Sorry about the hunt! You know that wasn't my idea!! I am so glad that you got to come and hope you have a safe trip home. How wonderful that you have a friend along the way to spend New Year's Eve with!! Here's to you and your friend -- Happy New Year!!!

saturday's child said...

Happy New Year's Eve & Happy New Year!!!

G Liz said...

Happy New Year's!!!! You're cooking gets me hungry every time I read your blogs...and as of right now, 10:11am, I am STILL in bed, catching up on blogs and doing my own...but I have a feeling I will soon be up and eating myself.

I miss you and would love to get together soon!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had someone to spend N.Y. Eve with ! Also - very glad you didn't have to make that 734 mile drive home all in one day !!!

I meant to suggest that you stop at Barb & Dick's W. on your way thru Florida. They live near the Villages, North of Orlando.

What is Moolie ??? Is that like fish stew (???) can't think of the darn word I want to use !! tp

The Purple Panda said...

Happy New Year, Mit!