Sunday, December 28, 2008

Run away back

Have you ever noticed all the different phrases that include the word “back”?

  1. back away

  2. back down

  3. back off

  4. back off (Textiles) To reverse (the spindle) in mule spinning prior to winding on the newly spun length of yarn.

  5. back out

  6. back up

  7. back and fill (Nautical). To trim the sails of a boat so that the wind strikes them first on the forward and then on the after side.

  8. back and forth

  9. back water

  10. flat on one's back

  11. behind one's back

  12. get off one's back

  13. get one's back up

  14. in back of

  15. pat on the back

  16. stab in the back

  17. turn one's back

I never really paid much attention to the word back … until mine decided to go on strike. Of course, it’s all my fault. Just a few days before my body revolted I was thinking to myself, “How nice to never have had back problems! Yet another pitfall of poor health that I’ve avoided.”

Then I stood on my feet for nine-hours cooking for a Christmas party. I didn’t turn or bend wrong. I didn’t lift something too heavy or reach too far. Apparently my back has instituted a “Maximum Standing Time” policy. It either failed to notify me previous to this event – or it just decided on the spur of the moment it was time to change things.

When I got home that Saturday night, I knew my back was aching. I figured I just needed to lay down and all would be well. HAHAHAHA. In the early morning hours, after swallowing enough medication to tranquilize a hippopotamus, I again thought everything was ok. Monday at work all seemed well. Monday night when bedtime came, everything was NOT so well. I spent the night walking through the back spasms – waiting for the morning and the opening of the doctor’s office.

He wasn’t much help. My choices were drugs that make me drool, drugs that render me zombiefied, or drugs that worked for about 3 hours. I like to think I’m not much a whimp. Here’s how I knew I was in trouble. It hurt so bad, I couldn’t SIT AND READ … nor write. Who knew typing used back muscles?

Then like magic – on day eight, I was all better. It was weird; one moment … counting the minutes until I could take the next pill – and then suddenly returning to normal.

To celebrate I cooked dinner for a friend, went to Christmas Eve service, and made some yummy Blue Cheese Pecan Bread I found on “A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen’s” food blog. I took it and some other appetizers to Christmas dinner.

Since my back is no longer troubling me, I decided to run away from home and help IH824 celebrate her birthday. I drove south for 734 miles the day after Christmas. Clearly whatever was wrong isn’t anymore. Twelve hours of driving and I’m still functioning just fine.

At this very moment, this is my view as I write.

I can hear the crashing surf from the Gulf of Mexico and smell that fresh ocean air. Today is overcast and gray. Yesterday we saw sun when we drove to Pensacola Beach but it’s remained gloomy and misty here on Perdido Key. It doesn’t really matter what the weather though. Being with IH824, Mr. Fish and their friends makes any day brighter.

We’ve already cooked up a storm and more scrumptious meals are to follow.


Anonymous said...

I do believe I know which party you are speaking of. You went WAY above and beyond for a party that you weren't even the host of. Anyways, I'm glad you're feeling better!

The holiday season this year was quite short lived, disruptive, and frankly, it has left me a little ticked off. I had less than one day to visit with my family, who live outside of NC, and whom I barely ever see throughout the year...just so the hubby and I would be able to cater to/help/visit with other family members who live right here in town, and whom we see all the frickin time. How the hell does that seem fair, I ask you?

Obviously, I'm still holding a grudge about the whole thing. Can you pass me the leftover spiked Eggnog please? Eh, screw the eggnog...just pass me the Rum.



Anonymous said...

A gray and overcast day at Perdido Key beats a gray gloomy day here or anywhere! I want to hear all about the food I'm missing so D.O.T.O.R. can go bird hunting and not get one ( I said NOT ONE) bird!Came home tonight tired and worn out.:( Birds were not flying and cold and rainy. Oh joy. I get to listen to him gripe now! Enjoy and let me hear all about the fun!<3 M.O.T.O.R.

Keetha said...

Ouch! I feel for you and am glad your back is "back" to normal. (Ha! Sorry - couldn't help myself!)

Wishing you all the best in the upcoming year.:-)

saturday's child said...

I think your back was telling you to "STOP!" I'm glad the two of you are on good terms again and that you got away for a while. The Gulf in any weather is better than almost anywhere else!!
<3 saturday's

Megan said...

Well I WAS sorry about your back troubles until I saw the view you were enjoying on your holiday. Now I don't feel sorry for you at all. What I feel for you is more like a burning envy that leaves no room for sympathy :P

I H8 24 said...

I am so glad that you were able to join us. I hate that your back was giving you problems, but the good works you did by helping your friend is so special. Sometimes a friend is what we need to get us through the tough times. You are truly special and dear!