Friday, December 05, 2008

It should be routine

So you know … we all have our little morning routines. Turn the stereo on before getting into the shower, start the coffee before breakfast yada-yada-yada.

Part of that routine is floss, brush teeth, apply makeup, get dressed.

Since I live alone, there’s rarely (if anything) to distract me from my normal routine. Today – as I headed out the door I did the checklist:

  • Lunch: check
  • Coat, Hat & Gloves: check
  • Magazine (emergency reading material should I have to go somewhere and wait in line): check
  • Purse: check
  • Phone: check (Mental note to self, listen to two voice messages from Gina on the way to work.)
  • Cup of coffee: check

As I drive toward work, I listen to the messages from Gina. I call her – and we chat. As I listen and drive – I look in my rearview mirror.

Boy do my lips look pale. Washed out. Like they’re covered in foundation.

Gahhhh … I forgot to put on lipstick!

How does that happen? It’s not like it’s an UNUSUAL part of my daily routine.

It’s also true that I don’t carry lipstick in my purse. I wear the “all day” kind. That’s their claim and I’m willing to believe it.

So – guess who had to stop at the drug store and buy lipstick. *sigh*

You can just call me "pale-lips"

Or "Would-Forget-Head-if-not-Attached-Mit"

Loser by Shel Silverstein

Mama said I'd lose my head

If it wasn't fastened on.

Today I guess it wasn't

'Cause while playing with my cousin

It fell off and rolled away

And now its gone.

And I can't look for it

'Cause my eyes are in it,

And I can't call to it

'Cause my mouth is on it

(Couldn't hear me anyway

'Cause my ears are on it),

Can't even think about it

'Cause my brain is in it.

So I guess I'll sit down

On this rock

And rest for just a minute…


Mental P Mama said...

I feel your pain, ma chere, truly I do;)

Megan said...

Oh wow, you referenced one of my favorite Silverstein poems. No one ever references him, and he is still so awesome.

Also? I am sorry to hear about your lipstick dilemma, but we have all been there. I once got all the way to work before realizing I still had on my puffy white house shoes. I had to be late that day.

Anonymous said...

Mit...I feel the need to mention the fact that you look perfectly fabulous without foundation, lipstick, or such. You are a natural beauty! Celebrate it!!!!

Oh and very nice job with the poem. I dig me some Shel.


Anonymous said...

He's certainly not just for KIDS. Was this from "Where The Sidewalk Ends"? That's right up there on your list with "The Grinch" isn't it - always has been !!! Don't know why, but that almost brings tears to my eyes ! tp

Anonymous said...

Not likely to happen again, but just in case - why not keep the new one at your desk ? tp