Monday, November 10, 2008

Woe is Me

It’s just been one of those Mondays. As each little thing goes wrong, I count the many thankful things in this life. And yet … I DON’T FEEL ANY BETTER!

It started this morning when I didn’t go work out at the YMCA. I was up far too late last night – and decided sleep was more important than exercise. (This may, or may not, be a logical conclusion.)

Then, as I got ready for work, I reached into the fridge to extract my lunch. There was another contain on top of the 10-Bean Soup. I tried to remember what was in the top-most container. I assumed it was meat – or rice – or something that wouldn’t be upset when it bounced down onto the shelf below.

HOW WRONG I WAS … it was tofu in water.

As it landed sideways on the shelf – the lid came loose – and water splurged out, across the glass shelf, down the vegetable bin, and into the bottom of the fridge. Where it filled up the spill reservoir AND RAN OUT ONTO MY KITCHEN FLOOR. *sigh*

And there I stood .. mouth agape … looking at the clock, knowing I wasn’t dressed and my car pool was due to arrive any minute.

Then Hot Sauce arrived and we went to work. (I wore a pencil skirt to work. The Miata is “low slung”. This is not a good combination for people who are not graceful. THANK GOODNESS I was only wearing Dankso Clogs – and not high heels.)

At work, I started the morning by facing the wrath of our customers who’d updated to an improperly tested version of one of our programs that was released late Friday afternoon. I guess in the big picture – this isn’t a HORRIFIC thing. But in our Monday morning meeting, it was pretty disheartening to hear the GM say, “Well, why would they (our customers) update on a Friday afternoon or weekend? They should have waited until Monday!” (He was emphatic about this). I guess he forgets about his daily reminders to us that we will not resolve support issues unless someone is running the latest versions of our software. And where we tell customers in training seminars they should look for updates – once a week. ON FRIDAYS.

I understand his frustration. Someone in the other office assured us this specific programming change would NOT affect their system after they made a change on their end (and they didn’t).

Our own support staff aided in the snafu, which was just lemon juice applied to the wound. This particular item wasn’t tested appropriately. Or correctly. And no one is held responsible for saying an overall program is ready for release. Instead, just the “fixed” items are tested.

I’ve said for years there needs to be one person who runs through a checklist … I tested X, Y, and Z. All performance tests were met. I say, “This is ready to release.” (Please don’t tell me there is software out there to do this testing. You have no idea what you’re talking about in relationship to our industry, how our software is used and the myriad of ways our customers do business. Nor do you know how small/large our customer base is – and how we can’t even put together enough data to adequately test all the BASIC scenarios of operation in-house.) But so far, I have stood on a lonely soapbox. (I’ll step down now.)

So – a day of less than happy customers. HOW GREAT!

When I came home, I thought I’d just cook a simple dinner – do some writing and read a few blogs (omg .. you have GOT to read this one … I <3 her!)

BUT NOOOOOOO!!!! First – the light over my stove blew out. Then I dropped some previously STERILE cottonballs on the floor when I dug around in my utility closet for a replacement bulb (which I didn’t have).

Next my stove top was cantankerous. I need to buy new elements – or a new stove top – because the least little movement causes the burner to lose contact with the … electrical plug in thingy (yes – very technical, that description). The least little thing (like shaking a sauté pan) can cause it to stop heating. (oh how I want an gas stovetop).

NOT TO MENTION THE 101 times I reached up to turn on the light ... that won't turn on!!!! (see no bulb remark above)

As I was pulling things out of the freezer – I had my arms full of ingredients a la Rachael Ray. I grabbed the shrimp container … and it wouldn’t budge. My LOGICAL mind told me to put the stuff in my arms down (REMEMBER THIS MORNING!?) and THEN extract the container.

My “I haven’t learned my lesson yet” mind said, “just yank it, it will be okay.” And so I did yank. The shrimp along with the tub of wild-rice cranberry dressing under it proceeded to jump to freedom onto the kitchen floor. Where it shattered into a million pieces … and BILLIONS of grains of wild rice sought refuge under every appliance, toe kick, and crevasse.


Now I’m going to clean my kitchen. Say my thanks …

For my house

A heater that works

A job

Money to pay the bills

Food to eat

A glass (or two) of wine


A car

Gas in my car

Living in the US (which although we have our problems and warts, is not a third world nation)

And for tomorrow (bound to be a better day)


Anonymous said...

Goodness sakes!! Mit, don't beat yourself up over missing a day of working out. It ain't a big deal. We all need a break in our routines every now and then. It keeps things fresh, and it gives us time to breathe.

I think I can relate to a day of less than happy clients. It's an everyday thing at my office. You know what they say.....If it ain't broke, then you probably went with our competitor's product.

Tomorrow will be a better day!! Restful sleep shall be had tonight, and tomorrow you will awake with a renewed and refreshed sense of being, and dance about your day!!


Anonymous said...

Hope "tomorrow" was a better day !! tp